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Friday, July 12, 2019

Ocean City, Maryland

We just got back from vacation!  Sadly, my mom couldn't go this year because she has her knee replacement next week.  So it was just my sister, her husband, the three kids and me.
Before even leaving for the trip, I wanted another sarong type thing.  I do not regret ordering this one from Amazon. It was only $13.99, but I used it as a shawl, blanket, and wrap.  Here's the order information:
Sold by: SUNBABY
On the way to the beach, we stopped at Assateague Island.  My brother and his girlfriend went there last year and we've heard a lot about it. Basically, there are wild horses that roam around everywhere. We had some time to kill because we couldn't get into the condo until after 4 pm.

The beach was beautiful and not crowded at all. 

Here's some of the horses. A volunteer there told us to be careful because the horses are wild and not friendly. She said that one broke a guy's leg when they got spooked.  Luckily, they didn't maul us. 

After getting into the condo, we went out to the beach and swam again.  There was a big group having a huge bonfire. I don't even know how long we were out there, but everyone was having a great time. 
On day two, it rained. No, it didn't just rain, it poured.  Since my nephew Jackson is obsessed with fish and fishing, we went on a fishing boat. 

I cannot say enough good things about the "Happy Hooker" fishing boat that we went on.  (Okay, I'm not crazy about the name but...I guess it is pretty funny.)

Okay, so Charlotte, Syd, and I were not really into the fishing. They played with make-up in my purse while the others pulled out flounder and sea bass. 
Jackson was so excited to be fishing! 
 It was a great time. 

After we went to this really cool restaurant called Dead Freddies. 

 I got a crab cake sandwich.  Kids were excited to get these awesome drinks in the shape of a pineapple or even giant sharks! They checked out the play ground even though it was raining.

That night we went to the boardwalk.

The next day, we spent the whole day at the beach.  At night, we went to another cool restaurant called the Ropewalk. It was on the bay and had a really nice playground. There was also an outdoor bar for adults to drink while the kids played. 

Here's the beach by The Quay. It was really packed.  Ironically, the weather was hotter at home than the beach. However, it was still warm.  

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