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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Easy iMovie Trailers

Even since I started making videos for online learning, I have struggled with editing.  For some reason, I could not seem to use iMovie.  I guess this is always sometime I found confusing as I even remember abandoning Sony Movie Studio years ago.  So I would just shoot my videos in one shot.  Some of my videos were 25 minutes long, so this was not ideal. 

I recently was able to clear my art room of a few shelves and create an empty space right behind my "filming" area.  I thought this would be the perfect space for a blue or green screen.  Full disclosure, I might be quite far from learning how to do that, but I want to do that eventually.  So I came across a post about four easy projects to try today. I couldn't find the article, but there are many online.  I basically opened iMovie on my Mac and started doing it. I cannot believe how easy it was! I know people have told me this, but I made several trailers in minutes.

I simply dragged in the video clips almost randomly.  There were all more recent ones of my nieces and nephew.  I picked the adventure trailer and dragged in clips. I was able to change the text a little on the storyboard and upload it to my You Tube account. I then was able to text the family the link to the trailer.

In minutes, the kids were watching the videos.  I made a few more.  Of course, I was thinking this would be great for school. I know that some of our gifted students made these with our amazing school librarian for a competition. Really, the possibilities are endless.

I was able to get a class iPad through a grant of our educational foundation.  Sadly, iMovie did not come with the iPad.  I have to do a work order to get apps.  I have to remember to do this first thing in the school year.   I'm sure some students will have their own iPads or phones in order to do this.

Some educational projects:
*book trailers
*geography projects on a certain country or region
*act out a chapter of our class novel
*make a video of signs or posters with errors that need corrections (editing)
*pick a topic and share research through a trailer
*have a mystery object or topic and let audience figure it out

Really, I will probably have the best results by letting small groups come up with their own projects.  I don't want to "limit' students with my ideas.  They always come up with things beyond my scope in projects they design.

For teachers, I already made a quick "teen" trailer for what students can expect in 7th grade for language arts.  I also plan to do one for social studies.

"Discovering" iMovies trailers makes me wonder what else I am missing? I am also wondering if I should try editing again.  I really want to "flip" my class and have a lot of lessons on video due to the amount of students missing class.  With our curriculum it is pretty difficult for students to catch up on what they missed because we do several activities (group and partner) and direct instruction each class.  If I could edit well, my videos would be MUCH better!