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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Health Plan

A few months ago, I started Shakeology.  I was really feeling sluggish and did not have the energy to exercise.  I would come home from school and often get directly into bed.  I started the Shakeology and bought the Power Greens to add to it. My first order was a mix of all different kinds.  I really liked the chocolate the best and probably the strawberry the least.  I really did get an energy boost from this and almost a body buzz.  My body started to feel good again.  I still wasn't exercising, but I started to think about exercising again.  

For my second order, I choose the greenberry flavor so I could add the power greens to it.  The taste was pretty good. The only issues were that I was still feeling hungry after having a shake.  I checked the carbs and they were pretty high.  So I was drinking this and having my regular lunch with it.  Shocker, I started gaining weigh.  In the meantime, my mom bought me the Lose Your Belly Fat book by Dr. Travis, on tv. I learned more about gut microbes and probiotics, etc. 

So I started buying kefir, leeks, turnips,parsnips, and other things I've never eaten.  I really tried to like some of the new food. The kefir was fine in a yogurt shake.  I hated the turnips and could not choke down the parsnips.  I just didn't like the odd tastes. I guess the worst were the leeks. I even turned one batch into a leek soup.  I blended it in a blender and followed the recipe. Hmm, I really think I could eat this again. However, I think you get the health benefits from only lightly grilling the leeks.  I also tried quinoa and really liked that. The big question is: Was I losing weight? Nope, I gained another solid ten pounds.  I still didn't have the energy to exercise. 
So, after trying a bunch of little things, I've back to the Atkins. I started again Sunday. I've already lose five pounds and it is only Wednesday.  My appetite reduced by 90% by Monday. I have been drinking Detox tea on and off.  Yesterday I felt sluggish and tired. However, today, after my -5 pound loss weigh in, I couldn't wait to get to the gym.  I've also been walking with a friend and have been to the gym three times since Sunday!  I feel pumped!  I am stretching. I am doing the bike.  I'm back in the weight room. I'm on the elliptical.  

My Facebook friend who sells the Shakeology texted me if I wanted to order.  Nope, one reason is that I'm getting out of credit card debt and money, but the other reason is the carb level.  I've been inputting every bite into My Fitness Pal.  I really haven't been drinking enough water. I'm also planning to stretch several times a day.  

Another big thing that is helping is my cool towel. I got it at Walmart for $9.99. It has been one of the best things I've ever bought!  (Also, it came in handy when my AC broke.) All I do is wet it and it stays at about 60 degrees. As someone who is always hot, this is a huge boost to my energy. I can go and do a lot more with my cool towel gracing my neck.  I bought another one (different brand) on Amazon and I don't like it that much.  It is more of a nylon fabric and you have to snap it. 

Tomorrow, I suggested to my sister that we take the kids to a local amusement park.  Even though it is hot, I think I'll do fine.  Yep, I definitely be bringing my cool towel.