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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Charlotte's First Birthday Tea Party

 Happy birthday, Charlotte!  We love and adore you so much.  You are my little sunshine and buddy.  It's hard to believe that you are already one!
Instead of having a big party for Jackie and Syd, my sister wanted to have a big birthday party for Charlotte's first birthday.  The theme was to be tea party.  Since Charlotte broke the ice tea maker the night before the party, the only tea was iced tea in bottles.  However, we had champagne punch and bottles of water also.
My sister made most of the decorations this year.  I didn't get out of school until two days before the party.  The color theme was gold, salmon, and mint.  

Before the party, I bought the big balloon tank this year.  I try to start blowing up balloons as late as possible as they only seem to last a few hours.  Luckily, Spiderman was able to quality test them. 

I bought many of the decorations from Orientation Trading and Amazon.  There was a line of vintage florals that went perfectly with the color scheme and theme.  We wanted to have a ton of white and pink roses everywhere. Yet the day was very windy and we ran out of time. My sister cut some of her roses from her front to add to the tables. 
For the favors, I bought cellophane bags and these really cute plastic tea sippy cups from Orientation Trading. I also bought this tea pot lollipops, tea party butter mints, bubbles, and various leftover candy from the pinata to fill the bags.  The bags were a huge hit with the kids.  

For the music, we decided to use Alexa from Amazon.  I started out with classical, but it got a bit dull so we were able to just switch it to "party music" or something more upbeat. My sister made the Charlotte banner as well as a few photo banners. Apache is wondering what is going on.  
My brother brought and blew up this GIANT football.  I was terrified that it would crash into the punch and cake table and destroy everything.  Luckily, I was able to block it once and no cakes or drinks were injured.

My brother's girlfriend Mareena was enlisted to draw on the chalkboard wall in the kitchen.  It took her about an hour and the wall was a huge hit.  What an amazing artist!!!
 I bought a hat and gloves for Sydney to wear.  She refused to try on or hold the gloves, but she did put on the hat for about ten seconds! What a doll.  Senior and I took our annual selfie!

I took a selfie with the Guest of Honor.  My sister was able to use some of her leftover wedding decorations to decorate the poles on the back porch.  Aunt Joanne and Charlotte took a shot for their Facebook post! 
Our cousin Rachel's kids actually wearing the hat.  Thanks to Brody and Nora for being great sports.
After eating, it was time for the cake.  Would Charlotte smash her birthday cake? Only time would time.
After the singing, our sweet girl was not quite sure what to do? Why was she wearing this hat? Why was everyone gaping at her?  Daddy helped her stick her hand in her cake.  Good stuff! Yet the best was about to come: presents!
Charlotte absolutely loved her gifts.  She got several baby dolls, a hand crocheted bear with a purse from Karen, and a lot of cute outfits, books, and toys. However, someone who also loves dolls was lurking in the background...
Yep, Sydney was eying up each baby and a little pocket puppy while Charlotte was distracted.  A Cabbage Patch baby might have been "borrowed" and declared to be Sydney's.  Luckily, Charlotte got several and really couldn't wait to play with her Little People RV. (Full disclosure: Syd also took the pocket puppy!)
Did you ever see a happier baby?  She seemed to know that the party was for her.  This was her day and she loved every minute of it.
 We almost (okay, we did) forget the piñata.  I got saved from trying to make one by Oriental Trading Company's teacup one.  The kids had a blast breaking it open and feasting on the forbidden candy. 
The party was nearing it's end.  The balloons fell and the kids were STILL ready to play more.  It was soon Charlotte's nap time and the other ones went swimming. 
Ma and I as I try to gulp down more punch.  As we say every year, "This is the last big party..." However, we have three more birthdays this summer to celebrate.  These kids love to party!