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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Teeth Whitening

Every time I go to the dentist someone always says, "Wow, you have beautiful teeth!"  I am always like, "Really?" I am glad that I am cavity free, but I'm sure a lot of people are. Due to crowding, my one bottom tooth has moved.  Another thing I always think of is that my teeth are yellow! I guess I have this weird thing about teeth.  I always notice people's teeth.  If their teeth are really white, I am always very impressed.  I went to the dentist for a cleaning and check up this past week.  This is only my second visit to this dental office.  They are very thorough and do a great job.  On my last visit, they told me about the process to whiten.  I was really on the fence and tried another 6 months of store bought kits and home remedies. Nothing really worked!

So I finally made the decision to professionally whiten. They had a card of teeth colors and mine was C2, which was yellowish. They said that these colors whiten faster.  It was $295.  A technician came in and made a mold of my teeth.  She kept saying that I was easy to take impressions from and that she got the most beautiful molds she's ever gotten. That was weird because using all those whiten at home molds always made me gag and dry heave.  This was easy.  Later that day, the office called and said that my kit was ready.  I stopped in the next day.  I got a quick lesson on how to whiten. I started as soon as I got home. 
Original teeth color before whitening

Day 1 after first whitening

Day 2 

Day 3

The procedure is pretty easy.  They gave me a prescription sensitivity toothpaste that I brush with. I don't rinse after brushing.

 I have these syringes with the whitening gel.  I put a thin line of it in the clear molds of my teeth and put them in.  Then I am supposed to suck in my breath, so they seal.  Then, I take a wet toothbrush and clean my gums so the whitening stuff doesn't get on it.  I set my cell phone timer for 30 minutes.

That's it.  I have always had sensitive teeth, but I am not noticing anything too different. I keep going about 7-10 days until I reach my ideal white color.   They also told me to rinse after drinking coffee (or red wine, but I don't drink that).  I was also told to go to every other day if my teeth start to hurt.  The worst thing is that I feel like my teeth were worse than I though.  I now look at them and think, "Why didn't I do this before?"  I'll keep updating.  
Day 4

Day 5
        Day 6
Day 7
    Day 8
I thought that my teeth would be a lot whiter at this point:( I think I'm going to use more gel and maybe leave it on longer.  I have been rinsing my mouth after coffee.  Is this just the natural color of my teeth?  I guess I do see a slight improvement.  They said 7-10 days, so I guess I can't give up now.
Day 9
AFTER Day 10

This should be my LAST night of whitening.  I really don't feel like my teeth are even that much whiter!  I still have two tubes of the whitening stuff left.  I believe those are for touch-ups.  However, I wonder if I should just continue to try to whiten.  They really don't look that different to me...Is this $300 down the drain? 

Day 11:  I wondering if the light in my bathroom is bad.  I am going to take a teeth selfie in a better lit room and see if there is any improvement. 

In same light

Day 1                                                           Day 17 (11th whitening treatment) Better light picture!

I've come too far to give up now.  I have the gel for about six more treatments.  If I don't see more of an improvement, I will contact my dental office.  I still see that yellowish tinge.
Treatment 15 or so

I really wanted my teeth white-white.  However, they do look better!  I have one tube of the whitening stuff left.