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Sunday, February 26, 2017

IPad Pro Finally!

After Black Friday, I finally bought myself an iPad Pro.

I had purchased a Samsung Notebook 10.1 that I really loved.  However, there was a problem with the power button being depressed and the screen went black. I had the screen replaced by a friend, but he said that it was only a temporary fix.  Samsung would not replace the device so it barely lasted a year.  The major things that I loved about that Samsung was the multi-tasking and the pen.  I need the pen.  I used to draw and annotate as much as I could. I was able to print from it, but I had issues accessing some of my files from my other computers.  I loved watching movies and playing games on that thing too.  When it died, I set it on a shelf with thoughts of buying something more substantial.   I really wanted a iPad Pro when I heard about the Apple Pencil.  I had gotten a few iPads from donations for school. They had held up pretty well for years. Sometimes if something got on the screen of my Samsung, it would malfunction.

So I started looking at the iPad Pro, but the price was just too much.  I really didn't want to spend that much because I had just gotten my Mac Book Pro a year before.  Did I really "need" a tablet?  No.  I really didn't.  I went tablet-free for months.  Then, around Black Friday, I started seeing ads for the 12.7 inch iPad for less than $800.  I knew that I wanted the biggest "canvas" I could have.  I really missed drawing and doing art work on a table. I visualized how organized I would be with the iPad pro.  I would always keep it with me.  I would use it for everything!

So, when I saw a deal on Walmart for $725, I finally bought it.  I also got the Apple Pen for $99.  I was planning to wait and buy the "perfect" case and screen cover on Amazon.  My iPad came very quickly, but I had to wait almost a week for the Apple Pen.  I ended up buying a beautiful leather case  from KAVAJ on Amazon.  (  I really love it.  I also got a case with a separate keyboard from Best Buy that I like, but am not using right now. I find the keyboard on the iPad is fine to use.  I bought a glow-in-the-dark Apple Pen holder for the charger and a magnetic pen hold for when I use my keyboard case.

Now, I can't imagine life before my iPad.  My favorite app is PDF Expert.  I downloaded my language arts curriculum and can annotate my lessons and units. There are times when I just put the iPad under the document camera to go over certain things.  Of course, my nephew had put many of his favorite games on it along side my favorite games.  I love the app Sketches and I am able to keep notebooks for everything from school things to handwriting to ideas.  My niece and nephew like some of the handwriting apps.  However, the large size is too much for them to handle. They prefer the 9.7 inch iPads/tablets.

I really like just taking a screenshot and then altering those images.  I haven't been writing as much as I would like, but I am amassing some ideas.  I still am working with paper and in my other notebooks.  The cost of this was huge.  However, I think I am saving money on "real" art supplies.  For example, I always am tempted to buy those coloring books. However, that is something I can do on my iPad.  (Also, it keeps me in the lines!)  I don't buy magazines or newspapers because I read a lot on my iPad.  Now, my ONLY complaint is that my shoulder hurts from using it so much.  I still read paper books in the bathtub, the day they come up with a waterproof iPad is the day I quit buying paperbacks (yeah, right!) 

I love doing school work in bed and being able to print to my HP printer in the other room.  I'm sure a lot of people don't use the Apple Pencil, but for me, it is a must. I frequently annotate PDFs.  I do need to charge it quite a bit, but I keep the charger by my pen so it can charge at night.  Again, I only wonder why I waited so long to get this device.   Although it is costly, I just cut back on my grocery bill, going out to eat, movies, and buying clothes/shoes.  I've been avoiding Michaels and buying any sewing fabric or supplies.  I wonder if this iPad actually saved me money!