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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Washi Tape Pringles Can Ruler Holder

So I have a lot of colored duct tape and washi tape.  My new policy of "shopping at home" means that I can only craft with items I have. I am buying absolutely nothing. I no longer step into Michaels.  I do not darken the door of Dollar General.  I don't shop online at Amazon for chalkboard paint markers.  
Is scented duct tape something I really needed to buy? Probably not.  Okay, now the glitter duct tape is pretty amazing. I mean, it is glitter. However, there is a very small amount of it on the roll. The old me would probably try to hoard this amazing product. The new me is using it!

I saw something on Pinterest about up cycling Pringles containers. The truth is that I never particularly liked or disliked Pringles. However, I bought a can of the salt and vinegar.  Would I ever eat them? I didn't think so.  However, one day when my niece and nephew were here I decided to bust them out.  Strangely, they both (especially Syd) loved them.  So I guess I'll be buying them for a while. I did buy the sour cream, but Syd really liked the salt and vinegar!

After several years of hiding my rulers at school due to sword fighting,  I decided to put them out again.  Students were working on a book project and kept asking for them.  So I started to wrap various tapes around the cylinder.  I had a lot of washi tape to fill in any holes left by the duct tape.  

This was fun and easy.  I did tape on a "Ruler" sign on it when I took it to school.  I now just painted two more Pringles container. I know they will come in handy soon!
When painting them, I did sand them a little first so the paint would stick better!