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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Reading Rainbow Bulletin Board

For the last few years I had a loose theme of tie-dye in my classroom. This year I decided that I wanted to change that into a rainbow chalkboard theme. Last year I did a book recommendation board. I was considering doing a procedures book, but decided to stick with promoting reading.

The title is "Reading Rainbow." I played around with doing a curved rainbow.  However, since I was alone at school, it was really hard to get it "equal." So I decided to just go with a straight rainbow.  I like all of my bulletin board to be interactive. I still need to photocopy my book recommendation forms. Student are to take a blank slip,  write about a book they loved, and staple it under the correct genre.  At times, we also just use post-it notes that can be easily removed.
 The cloud says, "Share books you love on the rainbow." I used Microsoft Word (chalkboard font that I got online) in black on white paper. I use a glue stick to glue on the titles onto colored paper.  I really try to avoid using colored ink because it can be hard to see (plus expensive.)  I did not laminate the newer signs I made.  I probably should have.
I used part of last years bulletin board with the "This book is so..."   I have some adjectives that might help describe books on the top and genres on the bottom. 

I got a new border called Paint Chips from Really Good Stuff.  I simplified my classroom guidelines board.  I really want everything to look uncluttered.
As soon as possible, I invite students to share their favorite books and check out books from my classroom library.  For me, creating a culture of reading starts on day one.  We always make time to talk about books.  I try to provide some fun pens to write with and time so students can share their books and favorite genres.
This bulletin board is only effective if students get time to share.  I will probably give students a few slips to keep in their binders.  I will also make a folder to store the other slips with a stapler.  I would then like to transition over to a book recommendation on post-it note system as we will probably need this board for class. I try to stress that life-long readers try to have their next book lined up while they are reading their current book.  We try to maintain "Someday" lists of books they someday want to read. The idea is from Donalyn Miller's The Book Whisperer.  A book I highly recommend!