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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Product Review: Dirt Devil Simpi Stik

Whereas others may foster kids and pets, I foster house plants.  I bought a lovely mother-in-laws tongue/snake plant (Sansevieria) for myself years ago.  My brother really liked it and wanted to take it to his shop. I gave it to him and forgot about it.  Years later, he brings it back and plops it on the fire place at the house.  It sits there and starts to die.  Plant fosterer to the rescue.  I brought home the plant and immediately repotted it.  It did well.  I like to put my plants on my deck if they can handle the sun.  This is probably one of the easiest house plants to care for, but they do better in full sun.  So I picked up the plant and it toppled over. Ah, I should have remembered that they have shallow roots that can store water.  (Don't over water them. In low light, the roots can rot.)
It turned out the roots are very shallow.  Now I had a mess on my hands.  I have an Oreck vacuum that I usually use. However, my mom gave me this Dirt Devil Simpi Stik. I looked on the website and I didn't even see this version.  I think I used it once and wasn't crazy about it. I shoved it in the closet and forgot about it.  Hmm, would it work to suck up this dirt?  

The first thing I like was that it was very light.  It was easy to pick up.  I emptied the filter realizing that it was full.  That could possibly be the reason I didn't like it the first time.  I remember how everyone had a handheld dirt devil when I was a kid.  We used that thing constantly.  
The dirt was a little damp. It fell on my oriental carpet under my dining room table and on my hardwood floor.
Wow, I was impressed by the power of this vacuum.  It sucked up the dirt quickly on the floor and the carpet.
I also did the area as far as the cord would reach.  It sucked up everything even a rogue lego piece.  I should use this more often.  It seemed perfect for my kitchen floor.  
It took the whole load and had more room to spare. I emptied the filter back into the plant.  I really like how you don't have to buy any filters.  For my Oreck, you need to buy vacuum bags.  
I tapped the filter outside a few times. It was really easy to empty the filter and snap it back in. 
I repotted the plant and stuck it outside.  So far, it is still alive and well.  For more information about this plant, check here.

Overall, I give this vacuum a thumb's up. I like the lightness, the suction, and the fact you can empty the filter.  There are a lot of cordless vacs out there. However, I really don't like messing around chargers.  I will keep testing it.  It will be nice not to drag my Oreck up and down the stairs.