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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Erin Condren Teacher Planner Obsession

I'm in love with my Erin Condren teacher planner!  I was on the fence about ordering one because I was wondering if I needed it and would use it.  To answer that, yes, I need it and I'm already using it. I actually just brought my laptop and planner over to my mom's to show her.  Guess who is getting an early Christmas gift this year? Yep, I ordered her an Erin Condren life planner.  Sadly, my sister is claiming that she doesn't need one.  (Hmm...we shall see!) I now feel like everyone needs a paper planner.  
It only took about two weeks for me to get my planner. It comes in a lovely box and is wrapped in tissue paper.   I got free shipping because I went over $100.  Okay, the planner itself is $60-70 depending on your add-ons. However, I ordered a lot of other things like fun pens, stickers, and some dry eraser dividers.  I'm so glad I did too, because that is what makes it really interactive.  I just ordered more of that stuff, too.  You get 15% off on accessories if you order three. 

The teacher planner has a lot in it.  It has both a month calendar and a weekly lesson planner.  There are all types of grids, student lists, substitute information, and absentee tracker.  Some of that is more for elementary teachers.  However, I really need the weekly planner. I love the password section in the beginning. It's a small thing, but I am always getting locked out of my computer.  This will definitely be a big help.  I teach two subjects.  I also have four sections of language arts. I am really particular about marking where I left off in each class. Also, with assemblies and special events coming up, I need to know what is coming up.
The stickers are beautiful.  There are a variety of stickers in the back of the planner. You get some free ones.  I also love the ones I ordered. They are not just beautiful, but inspiration.   I am already using them, too.  The beauty of the planner is color coding and using the stickers to highlight things.
Pockets and folders!  This is the main reason I had to have this particular planner.   There is a pouch for pens, etc. I got two clear folders and one colorful folder.  I can shove a ton of stuff in here. As any teacher will tell you, we get a ton of paper on a daily basis. I get notes from kids, parents, administration, other teachers, fundraiser, and papers I need to fill out and return.  It is a real pain to keep all these papers together. Now, I am going to put them all in this planner.  
Okay, another thing I felt like I "had" to have was the wet erase boards.  I even ordered the cute wet erase markers.  I have so many places to make lists. I love and need lists to function. I have so many things to do.  Now, I can keep that list in ONE place.  I typically have five different lists going.  Yep, that is not good. 
I love the cover! It is a thick laminated plastic.  I spent a lot of time picking out the perfect cover.  My name is on it.  Hopefully, I will never left this planner out of my sight.  I do tend to leave things all over the place, so the name on the cover is a good thing. Weirdly, the planner also matches my new Mac Book Pro cover.  Now, if I could just dress as carefully, I would be much more stylish.
Calendar stickers.  You do have to stick on the days on the monthly calendar.  I didn't mind doing this.  However, I am still on summer vacation (until tomorrow!)...In my mind, stickers are pretty much always a good thing. 
Inserts.  For some reason, I wanted the weekly meal planner wet erase sheet.  I realized that I can use it to plan out my school lunches.  I always bring my lunch unless it is an inservice day.  However, at the grocery store, I am often just rolling around randomly buying coffee and bags of kale I never eat.    Now, I will have to have some sort of notion of what to pack.  I guess I could also eat it for dinner.  Most of my dinners are pretty much: frozen pizza, eat at mom's, Chik Filet, can of soup, slim jims, etc. 
I also ordered some really adorable post-it notes.  There are great because I can start adding things I know we will do that I am not sure when. For example, in language arts, we give a beginning of the year reading diagnostic exam.  I don't know what exact day so I can just write it on a post it note and move it to the correct day when I know.  There is always so much going on at the start of the year, that I want to make sure I don't forget anything important. With this planner, I am already off to a great start thanks to my new planner.  Well, goodbye SUMMER 2016!  It's time to move into School Year 2016-2017.  I believe that I can stay organized, calm, and inspired this entire year.