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Friday, July 29, 2016

The Day Before the BIG GARAGE SALE

It feels like the whole summer has been leading up to tomorrow. Yes, it is the annual neighborhood garage sale.  We are planning to get up at 5 am or 6 to start getting everything out there.  Sadly, my back is already shot. I've been trying to move huge bins of books and carrying stuff up and down the stairs.

I did find some things I completely forgot about.  My mom was going to buy an insulated lunch bag.  I actually found this L.L. Bean lunch bag that I never use. I prefer to just use a plastic bag I can throw away.  Plus, I don't even know if this bag will fit in my little frig at work.

My brother put this rack in the garage probably seven years ago.  I basically only piled stuff on it and hung up a wreath on each end. It is perfect for hanging up shirts to sell.   

It is hard to believe that after donating 15 bags of clothes that I still have this much to get rid of.  I threw the stained and damaged clothes away.  There are more clothes at my mom's that need to be hung.  Most of the clothes we have are ones that she bought online at J.Jill's or got from Talbots.  Those clothes are not cheap.  It is really sad that we have so much.  Everything that doesn't sell is getting sent to Good Will or I'm just putting it on the curb. I swear that NONE of it is going back in my garage.  

These are bins of shorts, pants, and other items.  The amount of pants that my mom bought are mind boggling. We literally had over 200 pair of pants.   Probably more.  There is so much left over.  I have a lot in my closet.  
 Another huge area of things I need to get rid of are old towels, blankets, and tablecloths.  Someone suggested to take those to our local pet shelter.  I know that my sister has done that in the past.  The truth is that I never bought myself a single tablecloth.  I really only like this one cream colored tablecloth that fits my table. I also have red and maroon ones that I can use during the holidays. Why I took the other 20 ones that my mom gave me, I have no idea.  

I did print up some signs for pricing, got some cash, and have a container of change.  I also have a marker, price labels, and some tape.  I really will just be glad to get this stuff out of my house.  Maybe other people can use it.  I would actually probably pay someone to take this stuff, so I don't know how well I am going to do at sales.