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Friday, July 15, 2016

Photo Boards

How do you know you are a teacher?  Probably when you can't stop making educational things over the summer!
On the last day of school, I spotted some of those big display boards in the hallway.  There were to be thrown away.  Of course, I ended up taking them home. For the kids' party each year, I try to make a photo board from the the previous year. 
Usually, I paint the board with a thick layer of black chalkboard paint.  However, these boards had a lot of pictures on them that were too hard to pull off.  So I decided to glue sheets of rainbow colored paper over to hide any residue of the previous project.
I started out using a glue stick, but then broke out the adhesive spray.  I hate that stuff and always wear a mask when I use it. It is also helpful to wear gloves and spray it outside. I was in a hurry, so I just did it in my living room.  I did put down newspapers before spraying.

I laid out a design.  I didn't glue it down until I was happy with the design. 

I wasn't sure what pictures my sister wanted on the board.  I printed out a lot of 4 X 6" pictures. So I decided to use the "hanging on a string" method, so we could switch the pictures around.  This was tedious as I had to poke holes with my trusty awl and then filter the string through. 
For some reason, I had a big hoard of clothespins. I started pinning the pictures up.

I taped the cord to the back of the board with duct tape.

With such cute kids it was hard to filter through the pics. I would often stop and gaze at the pictures in a fog. I was in a hurry though.  I had to keep moving. I had made that poppy as a sample because I wanted to make a bunch of tissue paper flowers. 
This board ended up getting tied behind the cake table.  
When I was making Sydney's ruby red slippers, I ended up spraying this reused board silver with spray paint.  This is where the educational part came in. I ended up finding out more than I ever wanted to know about the Wizard of Oz.

I wanted to incorporate all the major scenes from the movie into the party somehow. We looked into buying some cardboard cutouts, but they were just too expensive.
I found a website with fun facts about The Wizard of Oz movie online. I copied and pasted that into Microsoft Word. I made the font a little bigger and then printed out the more interesting ones.  Basically, I found over 50 interesting. I cut this and mounted them on colored paper. I did not laminate.  I found this random box and used my glue gun to attach it.  I should really use my glue fun more. I shoved some of the facts into the box.

I printed out the best pictures I could find from the movie. I put a couple of quotes. I glued these all the board. I became slightly obsessed with Margaret Hamilton's trivia (The Wicked Witch) as I was gluing the board together.  (She was once a kindergarten teacher.)Then, I created a little Emerald Palace scene but cutting out the palace, cutting a yellow brick road from card stock, and placing glass themed paper under it.  Truth be told, it was not my best work.  At this point, I was rushing.  I was completely out of ink.

I attached some tissue paper poppies to the boards.

The trivia was a big hit.  I ended up passing out the cards to guests.  They then wanted me to just tell them some of the facts. It would have been cool to project the movie on a screen. However, I don't have an LCD projector and I am not buying one anytime soon.  During the party, I did start out playing the original movie music.  Some of the songs were a bit annoying so I switched over to a shuffle playlist. I'm sure the guests appreciated my collection of Civil War tunes. Ha, they did not. For future reference, no one should let me control the music. 

We also tied the fact board to the fence in front of the cake table.  I did see people looking at both and they make a nice backdrop. 

Well, I'm off to see the Wizard now...