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Monday, July 4, 2016

Off to See the Wizard!

 This year's party has come and gone.  We walked down the yellow brick road and made it to Oz!  We had great weather and the kids had an amazing time.  I guess it was worth the stress, money, labor, and all because everyone seemed to have fun. We had many great costumes including Uncle Chris and his girl friend, Nonny in a cowardly lion costume, and Charlotte as a member of the lolly pop guid.  Of course, Syd was a precious Dorothy. (See her ruby red slippers? Success!) Jackson was a proud five year old tin man with a scary plastic ax. Luckily, no guests or furniture were injured. 
Here the kids with mimi!  Darn, I should have taken that binky. Luckily, the tin man did not poke anyone's eye out with that oil can.  #dangerousprops

Group shot!  I will never wear that greasy make up again. It was so thick and gross. I have the highest respect for Margaret Hamilton who played the Wicked Witch in the movie! 

Party table. My sister made the tulle and light table cloth. Note the rainbow cake. Nonny also made beautiful rainbow cupcakes. 

I made the photo board and Wizard of Oz Fun Fact board from recycled boards that I got from school. 

What a sweet girl! Dorothy finally got to take off her costume and put on her birthday girl shirt.  

Mama and Syd opening presents.  Syd got her first Barbies, make up, and a nail kit from me.  I hope she likes them.

The kids were so excited for their presents. They got some great items.  The fishing poles and supplies from Nonny and Pap were a hit.

Daddy and Jackie going through the pile.  

Did we have enough balloons? Guess who blew those up? I never want to see another ballon for about...a year!

Aunt Judy and baby girl!  
Guests under the yard tent.  I went to change out of my costume and completely missed the piñata!  Hopefully, someone else has pictures.

Aunt Bonnie and grandson Ian!
Aunt Patty looking at the baby.

Senior and I take our annual selfie!
Charlotte in her costume.  She was a hit in her rainbow tutu that her mother made her.  She didn't lack for people to hold her!  This is the first of many parties for her!

After the festivities, the kids got in the pool. A perfect ending for a perfect day.

Jackie and cousin K. having a blast!