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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Glass Stone Covered Candle Holder

As I was (slowly) decluttering today, I came across some of those glass pebbles.  I bought them on clearance at Pier One. It must have been years ago because I completely stopped shopping there after I bought glasses and every single one broke. 
I was also going through some glass jars and pitching them. I came across an old olive jar that I picked up at T.J. Max.  They were some type of strange olives that I couldn't eat.  I remember thinking, "Well, the olives were a waste, but the jar is nice."  I just didn't want to throw away this jar.  I looked in my massive glue hoard and found a half-dried tube of E-600 glue.  What the heck? Let's give it a try. I was watching tv and texting with friends the whole time I was making this, so I did it a bit mindlessly.
I had to cut the glue tube in half because it was so dried up.  I ended up dipping the glass pebbles into this glob of glue that was stiffening up as I worked.  It was pretty messy, but that's how I work. This type of glue takes about 24 hours to set. However, I decided to try to give get it done and if it turned out terrible to pitch it. Absolutely no pressure.
I eventually ran out of E-600. I had a little tube of super glue that I began to use.  This worked even better than the E-600. It dried (or felt like it did) instantly.  I didn't even wear gloves or a mask though  I dislike the fumes from both glues. 
My work was fast and sloppy.  Some of the pebbles were moving as I turned the jar.  Oh well, I used pushed them back into place. I naturally ended up with a multi-colored design.  I let the finished product dry a little. It looked messy from too much excess glue.  
However, I love the finished project! I stuck a little tea light in it.  It looks beautiful.  I think these would be nice for when you are sitting outside in the dark.  If I do this again, I might add some glitter or seed bead in the "cracks" between the pebbles. That might hide the excess glue. Also, I probably would try to use a newer bottle of glue!  I'm thinking this also might be a good project for old salsa jars and taller glasses.  You could put in a little electric tea light instead of a real candle.  Happy crafting.