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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Garage Sale Epic Fail

The weather did not cooperate with the garage sale.  We were up at 6 am and ready to go.  It looked overcast and the air was heavy with humidity.  It was hot.  We decided to hold off to about 7:15 am.  By this time, people will milling about.  I started to drive and drag some things over from my house. I threw out my back lifting heavy boxes of books out of my car.  The early birds were throwing out questions, "Do you have any video games?" "Do you have craft items?" "Do you have records?"  Yep, we had all three.
Does this picture look menacing?  
I probably should not be a professional mover. Note the smallest bin at the bottom.  #dangerouspacker
 As we were putting out stuff, we were selling. One guy bought all of our CDs and DVDs for like $40.  Others were looking through tools and random items.  More offers were made and....

it started to pour.  Not just a few drops, but a torrential downpour.  My favorite part of this was that people were still looking.  I was throwing down tarps and lifting boxes.  It was over before it ever really got started.  My neighbor across the street has her in her garage.  I have to get my stuff out before I do that.  Other neighbors had tents.  I was thinking we should have put up a tent. However,  then the thunder started.  It was done.  We dragged all the stuff back in.  I really don't even know where I got the strength.  All that work seemed to be for nothing.  I never even got the rack of clothes out of my garage.  It was a bust!

A few hours later, the sun came out and it seemed like it was over. It was not, though.  It wasn't even close to being over!
I did start sorting some craft items in my office.  I'm moving some of them up to my art room, but some are fine down here.  I have the space now.  I really don't laminate that much so my two (or three) laminators can stay downstairs.  Just like printers and ink, the laminators are not the expensive item, it's the laminating sheets that are costly.  Usually, at this point in the summer, I am already making things for school.  I want to keep things low key this next year.  I am starting to feel a little anxious about school. There is so much to do in September.  It is almost unreal. A lot of those I put on myself, but that is how I roll.  I'm trying to think if I can condense or change some of the beginning of the year things.  I think our class lists might be online. Of course, I can't log in.  I'm trying not to lock myself out, but that is hard considering you only get three tries.  Ugh, I lock myself out constantly.  It's so embarrassing.  Plus, those classless have a way of changing even through the first week of school.  

I am itching to make things.  I might try to sew a little today.  I need some burp clothes and things for my niece.  Also, my friend is days (minutes) away from having her baby girl.  I would love to be about to make her some things. I have a lot of pink cloth.  Will my machine cooperate?  It's really up in the air. 

So the garage sale was a bust.  However, it got me motivated to get rid of a lot.  I do have some more space that I do not have to fill. I have some empty shelves in my art room that I can put projects on.