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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Decluttering Update-Bunk Beds and Art Room

I'm still plugging away at the decluttering. We got a little side tracked by the border in the kids' room.  After getting the bunk beds in, I was thinking we could easily just pull down the flourish border.  No, that would have been too easy. It turns out that there was no paint under the border.  Yes, it is another wallpaper nightmare. I detest wallpaper.

The sheets came and I washed them and got them on the new bunk beds. Wow, I wish I knew how difficult this was going to be. I had to get on a chair to do the top one and it is pretty messed up!  
The bottom is a Disney princess theme for Syd. The top is Jurassic World for Jackie. 

Here's my old bedroom.  As you can see, there was stuff everywhere.  
I have also have been working on my art room.  From the days when I first started painting at 15, my room was jammed with supplies. I was constantly reorganizing and go through my things. I couldn't throw away a magazine without tearing out pages to use for collage. 
Syd as a young artist. 

I had the closet filled with storage bins. Most were filled with empty boxes and cleaned out jars.  I also had tons of collage materials. I did go through most of it and tossed a lot out. 

 I basically stripped everything off the walls and boxed it all up. The visual clutter just got to be too much. I wanted a blank slate. I wanted to feel free. I bought a white shag rug from Walmart.  

I am starting to go through everything bin by bin. I'm scrapping off the old labels. I'm using baby oil to remove most of the stickers.  I need to relabel most of the drawers. 
Although I thought I was living in organized chaos, I was just living in chaos.  I could not longer find anything. I had no room to put my projects. I felt buried in scrapbooking materials.  When the garage gets cleared out, I'm thinking of moving some of this down there. I am getting the urge to paint and draw.   I just want to go back to the basics.