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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Crazy Colored Soap Kit

To use some of my Shop Your Way reward points before they expired, I ended up ordering a soap kit.  Although I miss making soap from scratch, I am afraid to keep lye in the house with the kids in and out.  Lye can blind you or burn severely.  Plus, you can't buy it in the grocery store anymore and have to order it online in bulk. So I am just doing melt and pour these days.  

The kit came with a "spa" mold in which there were little bubbles and a basic mold. There were two scents: lavender and cucumber.  There was a little tub of cocoa butter and three colors.  I have never used any colored before in my soap, so I tried these. 

This is melt and pour soap so all you have to do is cut it up, melt it in the microwave, add scent and color, and then pour into the mold. I usually spray my molds with some cooking spray. I only had butter flavored.  It doesn't matter because I wash it off anyway.   Directions below. I don't know why these pictures are the wrong way. 

I went a little crazy with the color.  I also dumped in too much scent. That makes some of the bars a little slower to harden.  I usually put all the bars in the freezer for a time.  When I pop them out of the molds I cover the back in hot tap water.  

I added some of the kids' toys to the soap.  Two Shopkins for Syd and some of Jackie's army stuff.

I also ended up using some of my old molds.

This whole process only took a few minutes, aside from the freezer time.  I do miss making soap from scratch though it is a bit dangerous at times (due to lye.) I also am not crazy about glycerine.  However, for a quick project, it was fine. 
I really liked the spa molds.  I did put some in soap dishes.  I do like the heavy scents though I would prefer essential oils more.  I think I would bag these soaps up and give them away as gifts. The colors are a little goofy, especially the orange.  The green is pretty overpowering.  Like many things in life, less is more!