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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cleaning the Garage

For some weird reason, I looked up what it takes to be a certified professional organizer.  I was blown away by the requirements. You have to have a certain about of hours working with clients, take tests, and do a lot of paperwork.  It doesn't seem like there are any classes, but a variety of books you can study. Okay, so I will probably never be a certified professional organizer, but just in case, I want to rack up my hours.  So I get a call from a certain neighbor saying, "Come over to the garage."  I'm on the phone with my friend and just slip on my shoes, still yapping. I walk over and see this:
It was not a pretty site.  There were tools and garage everywhere.  The job was to organize the "good" tools, sort like with like, and then clean out the garage.  Basically, I felt like this garage hadn't been cleaned out, well, ever.  It was hot, but nice and sunny.  Let the sorting begin.  I tried to throw away as much as I could, but lets just say the owner wanted to keep nearly everything. I don't have any before pictures of the garage.  It was just completely filled.
We made a few interesting finds.  This headboard looked good on one side, but the other side was filthy.  I called the other homeowner. She told me that this headboard was in the house since 1976.  They never even bought it, but stored it for 40 years!  Yep, we had our work cut out.
This was a dangerous job.  Tools were leaning against the wall as well as hung on this bizarre piece of moulding.  I cleared every bit of cutter out of this weird shelf.  Things have been stuffed solid into it.  I even wore gloves and protective glasses (that I found in the hoard.)
I cannot accurately describe the cobwebs and dirt on the ground. I spent a long time just gathering up webs with a broom handle. I am usually afraid of spiders.  There were hundreds of daddy long legs and smaller common house spiders. Weirdly, this really didn't bother me.  When I have a job to do, I go into my work mode.  I had to clean as much as I could.
After I got most of the ceiling and walls cleared of webs, I started on the floor. There was a lot of debris. I swept it up.  It smelled awful, but I continued. I found a gas mask with filters.  I should have put it on because who knows what we were breathing in.  The back wall was dirty. I wanted to wash it, but we were starting to run out of steam.  
The hardest part was lugging all of this stuff back into the garage.  I don't know how, but I got a lot of strength and moved a lot of boxes that I probably should not have.  When I'm cleaning, I do just sudden bursts of strength.  Someday, I hope to go back and get the walls painted and the floor washed.  However, I think we did a pretty good job for being the first to clean this for many years.  I think if I ever do try to be a certified organizer that I am getting valuable experience!  Next time, I will wear a mask, cotton rather than plastic gloves, my apron and better shoes. I did at one point drop an ax.