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Monday, July 4, 2016

Bunk Bed Dreams!

What kid doesn't love bunk beds?  Now that Jackson and Sydney have bunk beds at home they want them at my house. (Well, Jackie has them in his room. Syd still sleeps in her own darling bedroom surrounding by her animals and books.) Things were fine when Jackie would just pile into my bed when he stayed over.  However, now that Syd is added, things are a bit tight.  I put a noodle under the sheets on Jackie's side of the bed to prevent him from rolling out.  He did fall out twice.  Luckily, there is carpet and both times he never woke up!  However, I can barely move at night. I did have a single bed in "Jackie's" room at my house, but he never wanted to sleep there.  Plus, I like my mattresses on the firm side due to my back, so I don't even think he would like it.  So I decided to turn my sewing room back into a bedroom!  I had it stuffed with fabric, beads, canvas, and all kinds of junk. The work table was nice, but ended up getting piled with collage stuff. I started to feel claustrophobic in there.  The pink room is only 10 X 10 feet to start with. There is a decent sized closet and one window.  
So I had to do something with all the junk in the room first.  Read: nightmare.  I had a lot of stuff from various projects still out.  So I took all this stuff and started piling it in other spots in the room.  I somehow got the table folded and moved to the living by myself. We needed the table (which my mom loves to remind me is her table) for the party. It's like a $40 fold up table from Ollie's...yet I digress.  My friend called while I was doing this and I accidentally trapped myself in the room, but luckily I was able to get out eventually. I think that my workout at the gym are finally paying off. I can actually move some heavier stuff and not be in bed the next day.  

When I removed the table, I was disgusted by all the junk under it.  It was mostly my cleaning making supplies and some soap making stuff.  However,  it just depressed me. I have this big house with a huge garage and stuff is shoved everywhere. I had to focus not the Wizard of Oz birthday party, but I knew that I had to make some BIG changes ASAP.
I got home from the party, crashed in bed for like two hours, and then got to work.  I ended up taking everything I could drag out of the room.  The table was still at my sister's house, so I only left the bookshelf and the sewing desk.  The bookshelf was mine when I was a kid.  It used to hold my Dean Koontz hardbacks, my VCR, and my stereo.  I noticed that the "white" curtains in the room were like a hideous blackish/gray.  I took them off and washed them on the gentle cycle.  Surprisingly, they did not fall apart! 
I really don't know how or why I did this, but I moved the bed from the blue room to the pink room.  Weirdly, when I get motivated, I have a lot of strength. 
I moved the white bed side table bed.  I am hoping that my brother will possibly move the wood book shelf to the blue room and the matching white dresser back in the pink room.  (He will love that. Not!) I just hope that the shelf will be safe. Sydney really likes to climb.  I know that everything for kids is supposed to be anchored for safety.
This is what my living room looked like AGAIN.  I ordered or tried to order a bunk bed and mattresses from Sears.  Since I hardly use my credit card, they cancelled it in the middle of the sale online.  After multiple phone calls, emails, texts with both Sears and my credit card, I basically was more confused than ever.  To make a long story short: the bunk bed mattresses arrived, but I don't know if the bed is coming or if I have to reorder one.  If I reorder one, my dear nephew REALLY wants one with stairs.  Of course, they are the most expensive ones. However, can I really turn that kid down?  Answer: no.  There is additional storage space in the ones with stairs.  That would come in handle for Jackie's millions of toys.  Maybe we could shove in their thousands of books? 
So this is the barren looking blue room. It would be great to move more toys up here and get things a little more organized. I was really good about keeping all the kitchen food and things together, but that slipped a few months ago.  The biggest thing is keeping the Legos and other similar things separate.  My cousin Jonel and her boys have given us a ton of beautiful castle, pirate, dragon and all kinds of other toys. I would love to set them up on tables or shelves.  I would also love to have a chalkboard wall, Lego wall, and science lab set up.  Ah, dreams! 
After-Still in Progress
Both kids really love this blue bedroom. However, Syd can have the pink one as hers now.  She can also use my old bedroom at my mom's. There is a toddler bed in there that no one has slept in since the night my mom like Jackie sleep with her.  (He never used it again!)  I think it is 12 X 14 feet and has two windows and a closet.  I want to remove the flower border, do something with the wall paper wall, and wash those curtains.  If I can get my sewing machine set up in my downstairs office, I could make my own curtains. Well, that might be a while because I basically went to the dollar store and bought as many plastic bins as I could fit into the car.  I jammed everything from the sewing room in them and dragged them to the garage! I really need more garbage room to sort everything.  I plan to get rid of 80% of my books and add my art supplies.  With everything being online, I feel like I can let go of many reference books, art books, and books that I don't need to hang onto.  Also, I need a lot of room for the kids' books.  I don't want to get rid of those because of Charlotte.  Will she like horses and animals like Syd? Or like dinosaurs and Lego books like Jackie?  

My office/library is 15 X 15 feet.  The kids do like the empty play space in the middle to run around and told balls at each other.  I already started to remove books. I transferred probably 100 or so into the garage.  I was gong to put them in the garbage with a FREE sign. Then, my brother was going to give them to a friend who sells books online. Then, he suggested that I try to sell them myself online. I looked into it.  Most of my books are out of print. Amazon doesn't seem to take that many.  For me, I really don't want to be bothered selling them.  I just want the space right now. A lot of the books were bought by me at discount book stores, given to me, or sent by those crazy book clubs.  For some reason, I went through this buying things in the mail stage. Bad idea.  Those clubs were impossible to quit.  I thought I quit all of them, but they continued to send me unwanted books while I lived in Bangladesh! My mom tried sending some back, but it was a big hassle.  Some of those books are still living on my shelf. I never wanted them, never read them, and never will.  I think I was in this early education book club, history, art books, and some self-esteem books club. Titles range from Scrapbooking Your Pet to How to Increase Your Charisma.  I have at least a hundred diet books.  No, I cannot even scrap up the energy to open the South Beach Diet book or some book by Dr. Phil. Of course, those books are courtesy of mom.  I'm sure someone gave them to her and she passed them on the former sucker and hoarder next door.  I don't even watch the Dr. Phil show and I certainly don't want to read his book. Well, unless he has a section on how to get rid of crap people give you that you never wanted in the first place!

So right now, I am just waiting for the man power and the bunk bed to show up.  If Sears never sends the bed, I'll order a cooler one.  Since the kids basically spend at least 52+ nights at my house a year, depending on our schedule, I want them to have the best rooms possible.  Although the science lab might be cool, I think they just like the room to play the best.  They really need room to run, jump, and make a huge mess!