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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wizard of Oz Party Planning

My sister and kids just left this morning. Ha, I just finished cleaning my house.  (I took some breaks in between.)  Sadly, everyone seems to be getting some sort of cold/cough, even the baby.

Since my sister is reading The Wizard of Oz chapter book to the kids, she wanted to change this years party to that theme instead of Over the Rainbow. Since school JUST ended Thursday, I am fine with that.  Aside from creating a Pinterest board, I really haven't done much for the party.  I am also having trouble connecting my Cricut to this computer, so I already decided to just print out invitations.  That should be much quicker.  I'm going to use this page as a planner.

1. Decorations: 
*Yellow Brick Road-We must have one.  My sister is going to make one.
*Pictures from the movie. There are some great pictures and memes online. I could print some of these out and either laminate or frame them.
*I would love a huge cardboard cutout, but they run about $35 each. Too pricey.
*Need at least ONE rainbow and a tornado. I think both can be made out of crepe paper.
*Balloon rainbow arch.  
*Pinata-I didn't see any online.  I could try to make a papier mache hot air balloon.  The only thing is that time is running out. We only have three weeks.
*Legs under house.  I can probably make this.
*Melted witch with hat-Need another a witch's hat.
*PLATES, CUPS, NAPKINS-Using just Dollar Store plates in a rainbow of colors. I really wasn't impressed with things I found online. I would like to buy some of that blue checked ribbon that matches Dorothy's dress.  I'll look around today at Walmart.

2. Costumes:
*The baby can be a munchkin.  Syd has to be Dorothy.  She will be adorable!!!  Jackie could be a money or scarecrow.  The dog has to be the lion.  (Does he already have the costume?)  I, of course, must be the Wicked Witch.  (I had a witch hat.  Where is it?)

*Easy-I'll just get the soundtrack of the movie and put it on an old iPod.  I have one of those little stereos that we can plug in.

4. Food-
*Cupcakes-arranged in a rainbow
Update: My sister is going to call her cake baker to make two cakes for candles and cupcakes. I just will not have time to do this before the party. I need to concentrate on decorating and the balloons.

5. Entertainment
*Put the heart on the tin man
*Maybe something with the Cowardly Lion's courage where the kids get a courage badge
*Drawing a blank right now...

6. Favors for kids
*"For you my pretties"-I did see some cute little baskets online. Or maybe little tin buckets.
Making the favors is always one of my favorite parts of the party.

7. Invitations-
*My sister wants me to go with a simple "Over the Rainbow" invitation printed possible on vellum.  I again Googled a rainbow and removed the background.  I then overlaid the rainbow near to text.  A few years ago, I'd be using my Cricut to make the rainbows, but we are short on time!
UPDATE: I ended up just using Facebook to send family invites.  All you do is set up an event.  It is really fast and easy to do. I still have to make some cards for family that does not have Facebook. 

1. Dorothy costume for Syd/basket/shoes-ordered
2. Jackie costume-ordered
3. Charlotte? onesie?
4. Two witch's hats-ordered
5. Gingham print things
6. Glenna crown
7.Rainbow color balloons
8. Rainbow tablecloths
9. Things for the piñata