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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ruby Red Slippers for Wizard of Oz Party

So my darling niece is going to be "Dorothy" for their Wizard of Oz themed birthday party.  I ordered her a costume with the adorable dress, toto in the baskets, hair ribbons, and little red slippers.  Key word being little.  Sydney could get the slippers on, but they were just too small for her foot.  No problem.  Of course, I had already bought slippers for her at Walmart.  They were about $13 and a size 7.  I liked that they had a little heel and bow.  However, they were patan leather.  I wondered if I should sand them first.  I did some research online and talked to a friend who has made these before. The consensus was to spray them with adhesive and dip them on glitter. Great, but I had already bought glittery red spray paint and I wanted to try it.  Here's what I did:
Step 1:  Mask off or stuff the shoe with plastic bags to protect the inside of the shoe. 

Step 2:  Put down a layer of plastic in green.  Put on mask and gloves and spray with spray paint.  I sprayed multiple times.

Step 3:  Spray again.  At this point the shoes looked okay, but there were still places with gaps.  No problem, I don't call myself Glitterartist for nothing. I have a lot of glitter.

Step 4: I let the shoes dry a little.  They were still a little tacky at this point, but I needed to finish them before I lost my mojo.  I carefully removed the plastic from the inside.  I had used two plastic bags in each shoe.  I was surprised at how well they worked.

Step 5:  I gathered up my glue and glitter.  I ended up using Mod Podge in addition of the adhesive.  I did re-stuff the shoes with plastic bags just in case.  I had some Martha Stewart hexagonal glitter, a shaker of red glitter, and a bunch of red glitter glue.  

Step 6:  I sprayed the parts of the shoe that looked white. I did this outside due to the fumes from the spray adhesive. I used two old shoe boxes (we made dioramas in them!) to spray in.  Glitter is very messy.  I just sprayed and dumped the loose shaker of glitter on the white spots.  Repeat as needed. 

Step 7:  I was pretty happy with the shoes, but there were still a few light spots.  I painted on some Mod Podge and then dumped more glitter and then the hexagonal glitter on it.  Wow, they were looking great.

Step 8:  I still had some thin spots so I took the Martha Stewart glitter glue and touched up those spots. I ended up smearing that glue with my fingers and of course, dumping more glitter on it. 

Step 9: Done.  They look great.  Now the trick will be getting Dorothy to wear them!  I was able to wipe out most of the glitter inside.