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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Letting Go

How much does one person need?  Do I need to keep every document that I've ever created? Every picture that I've ever took?  Every receipt I've ever scanned?  NO!  I really don't.  I have been getting frantic emails from Carbonite that I need to renew.  I looked up my account and realized that I don't need any of it.  My pictures are either printed out, saved to my macbook, or terrible.  My documents are also either saved, printed, or obsolete.  I looked again and saved a few things to my new computer, but the rest I can easily let go.  I looked and I've paid over $300 for Carbonite since 2011.  I needed it before the "cloud" and my photos and videos were saved online.  I pay .99 cents a month for additional Apple storage.  I have about 4000 photos.  I've been going through and deleting hundreds.  It's easy since I am a fairly terrible photographer.

2002 on vacation to Cairo
Since my curriculum changed at school, I no longer need or want 99% of what I "used to do." Do I need photos of my classroom from 2009?  No.  Do I need scavenger hunts from textbooks that we will never use again? I think not.  I did worry about a lot of pictures from my overseas trips being lost.  However, I have scrapbooked all of those trips.  Do I really need to keep hundreds of pictures from Egypt of me standing in front of various tombs and pyramids from 2002?  I have the good pictures printed out or somewhere digital.  I want to let a lot of the past GO.  I have thousands of baby pictures of the kids. Now, there is a new baby.  I need to make room.  It actually feels great to let go of the past.
Sydney, Old Time Photo 2014
Jackie Reb, Old Time Photo 2014

Next, I am going to pitch out a lot of my old magazine clippings.  I used to make collages that I used to paint from in oil. When was the last time I did this? I can't remember.  I do go through stints where I still paint, then I move on to something else.  I really need to go through and put away my art supplies. I need to go through and FINISH projects that I have been working on for years.  It is so easy to set something aside and never finish it.  When I need to, I can work really fast.  I guess somethings that I never finished can probably be thrown away.  Paper is my biggest weakness. I cannot throw away beautiful scraps.  Also, I have tons of stamps that I love and never use.  Some have even fallen behind my shelves.  I guess it is time to dig them out.  I need to get away from this computer and go outside and do some potting. It is too easy to spend the day in front of this computer screen.