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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Iron On Bags and Onesies

My darling niece Sydney has a deep love for Paw Patrol.  One of her favorite characters is Skye.  I ran in Michaels one day after school to pick up JUST ONE THING.  Of course, I came out of the store an hour later and $80 bucks poorer.  However, I did get a lot of stuff to make gifts with.  Also, I had an email for 20% off everything.  I ended up getting a few canvas bags and some printable iron-on sheets.  I also picked up some embroidered letters that you can just iron on.  That's great because my Cricut cutting machine refused to cooperate with my Mac Book Pro.  We were going to see the kids for Memorial Day and I don't like to show up empty handed!
The first step for making the bag was to buy a canvas bag that was ready to design from Michaels.  If it wasn't ready to design, I would have normally washed it.   The second thing I did was search for some images of Skye.  On my Mac, I constantly use COMMAND-SHIFT-4 to do screen captures. These images then go into my Dropbox account and can be found under file.  (On a Windows computer, I use the snipping tool which is a free download on Windows Essentials.) 

Then, I inserted the image into Microsoft Word.  I also added a picture of my sweet girl!  (She's so cute!)  I clicked on the images and then played around with remove background.  I've never really done this before, but I must have watched some You Tube videos on it because it was pretty easy.  You do need to play around with the images to "keep" the parts you want. I did try to use images that had a different colored background to make this a little easier.

I then created a text box and reversed the text. I had to change the orientation to 180 degrees.  I used the STENCIL font. Remember to keep in mind that everything will be reversed in the final image. I played around with the images to make my niece vaguely look like she was with Skye.  I had to use the "send image back" or "bring image forward" to make it work.  Again, it was pretty easy.

I then printed the image onto the printable iron on paper.  You have to use a special setting on the printer.  Even with that setting, the ink colors looked a little strange.   
I was slightly nervous about the iron on process. I have messed this up several times in the past.  One thing I forgot to do was to cut out the images from the iron on paper!  I was able to put a hard covered book under the canvas though, which helped when ironing.  I set my iron on the hottest setting and ironed the sheet for 2 minutes. I used my phone to set the timer.  I then let the iron on set for a while before removing the sheet.  The final project turned out fairly well. For some reason, I don't have a picture of the final product yet, but my niece was happy with the results. 

I then made a Minecraft/Spiderman bag for my nephew.  At that point, I was rushing and stopped taking pictures!

The next project that I rushed through before our Memorial Day project was Charlotte's embroidered onesie. 

I basically just bought this iron on embroidered letters at Michaels.  I played around with different styles.  My sister project the onesies.  Because this was thin cotton, I ended up only ironing about a minute. However, make sure that you iron on both sides.

Here are the final products.  I also made another one that was a flop because the text in the picture wasn't reversed. 

The true test is on these stand up to washing.  I wanted to put her birth date on the back, but I was running short on time.  Plus, the baby is always wrapped in a blanket so I guess no one will see it.