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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Egg Dyeing

These pictures are from Easter time.  I wanted to dye eggs with my niece and nephew.  I had several types of tie dye kits and some regular old food coloring. The first step before dyeing was to fortify ourselves. When the kids come over, I always try to have their fruits and vegetables. My niece loves cherry tomatoes and my nephew loves peas in the pod.  Kiwi, raspberries, oranges, and basically any kind of fruit is a hit. 

We ended up shopping later at this second hand shop.  Kids found this puppet show thing.  There were lots of puppets around and kids started playing. I've never been big on puppets, but I was thinking I could probably rig one of these things up with cardboard in the future.

As we started to tear up the store, we left. I don't think Syd got the point of the theater thing. Stay behind the curtain!  

Now, back to work!  In my rush to get things set up, I added 1/2 cup too much water to the dyes.  Ugh. The eggs were turning out too light. 

Some of the eggs were foam from Michaels.  The rest were badly hard boiled by yours truly.  This is not something you should rush. I think I cracked some of the eggs before they ever got dyed. 
I used mason jars to soak the eggs. Syd had a set up of glue, glitter, food coloring, and more glitter!

We basically rolled the eggs in the glitter glue and then Syd dropped dye on them! They ended up looking really good. Most of them had a tie-dyed look. 
Jackson was too busy playing with his Lego mini-figures to help us dye.  However, Syd did enough eggs for ten kids.  Afterwards, it was time for a bath!