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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Circus Party

The circus party was a hit!  The weather was great.  People ate the food and loved the popcorn!  The piñata was destroyed. The kids were able to swim.  Prizes and tickets were given out.  Jackie and Syd had a great time. I can't believe they are 2 and 4 now.  It seems like just yesterday they were little babies.  Now, they are little people who love to have parties.  Jackie was blown away but his birthday.  He asked, "Is it still my birthday?" the day after! 

This was the cake table. My sister got the table cloths online.  We made the red back board out of cardboard. The letters were made from the Carousel Cricut cartridge.  

Yes, I broke down and wore the clown wig.  It was only $3.99 from Oriental Trading but I thought someone should wear it.  
Sys and Jax taking a break!  It was also the Fourth of July so the kids were wearing their red-white-and blue outfits here.  I had a lot of popcorn containers that I've been getting from various places since I got my popcorn machine.  I also gave some away for kid's to keep their prizes and tickets in.
Family photo.  Note the popcorn decorations on the window.  We just used some cardboard popcorn containers that we did not assemble. 

The tent in the yard and the kids' table.

Kids eating cake made up a "cake lady."  We also got mini-cupcakes from the grocery store. I was going to make the cupcakes but just didn't have time as I had to concentrate on the decorating.   Kids are wearing birthday badges.  

Everyone loves piñata time!  The clown piñata that my sister ordered never showed up.  She got this donkey one at Walmart. 

As always, the candy was a huge hit.  I tried to give the kids cardboard popcorn containers for their candy.  One thing I do is only get "soft" candy.  There was some hard candy in this mix that I worry kids could choke on.  Also, we didn't use a blindfold because the kids had a hard enough time opening the piñata as it is.  

The only major snafu of the party was the balloon!  For some reason, the balloon tank this year was a fail.  The helium balloons only lasted about an hour or two.  My sister was able to take the tank back to Walmart and get a refund.  It's funny because I've used the same brand of tank several times and never had a problem. 

The lolipops were ordered online and my sister's mother-in-law printed up the clear labels.  I made the "For Clowning Around" bin that housed the form clown noses.  She got the idea from Pinterest.  I just re-used an old pretzel container and added a chalkboard contact paper label.  For the "white" chalk look, I used white sharpie.  I am tired of actual chalkboard paint markers, they just dry up and fray too quickly.  

The games were few.  We had a small duck pond, a ball toss, and a few other "easy" toddler level games.  It was hot and it was hard to get all the kids to participate at once.  That's why I don't teach younger kids! I did give out tickets but I think most of the kids were too young to "get it"....In retrospect, I should have just made favors out of popcorn containers!  We did have a lot of prizes left over that I will just throw in my school prize box for next year.
 I spent the day before the party filling water balloons for the annual battle.  However, I didn't have a covered bin this year and they ALL burst in the sun except for one.  Well, at least it didn't make a huge mess in the yard.
A terrific party overall.  However, next year, we have vowed no party!  We will see.