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Friday, June 19, 2015

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Never brag that you have perfect teeth!  For 39 years, I never had a single cavity, braces, or problem with my teeth.  Then, right after my 39th birthday, I went in for my regular cleaning and bam! First cavity.  It was back on a wisdom tooth that a tooth brush just could not reach.  So I got it filled and thought it was fine. It wasn't!

My teeth!
A few weeks later while eating popcorn, I thought I cracked a tooth. I accidentally crunched down on a kernel.  However, nothing seemed cracked so I forgot about it.  Then, a few weeks over that,  my tongue got poked by a sharp tooth.  Hmm, I never had a sharp tooth like that before did I? I made a dentist appointment.  Sure enough, I had a wisdom tooth that had cracked in half.  I got a referral to meet with the dental surgeon. Fine, right? No, I started to have more and more pain in my lower jaw and back tooth. I assumed this was from the cracked tooth. I was out to dinner with my family one night. My mom and I split a New York cheesecake.  (I prefer anything chocolate but this cheesecake is always fantastic.) I ate one of the strawberries and thought I was going to pass out. The pain was like nothing I knew existed. It throbbed, my heard started racing, I was holding onto the chair for dear life.  Did I mention it was Friday night?  I though, I can make it until Monday.  It hurt over the weekend and then got better.  It was near the last week of school. I thought I could wait but I couldn't.  I made it to the dentist after school on Monday, got the antibiotics and x-rays. I had an abscess. I thought I could stand it but it could to the point that I almost lost my sanity.  On the last day of school for students, I was sitting in an assembly. All I had to do with sit there and I couldn't. The pain in my jaw was like someone was hitting my in the face with a hammer.  To make a long story short, I asked to leave and drove directly to the dentist's office! I never got to say goodbye to students.  However, I couldn't take the agony. My dentist gave me a few shots and numbed it. It turns out that the abscess was in the tooth I had the cavity in.  My other wisdom tooth on my other side was chipped!  I went to the dental surgeon consultation and sure enough, all four wisdom teeth needed out.
I put the ice packs in a dish towel and then wrapped a scarf around my head. I look terrible but it was a big help.

I had the surgery yesterday. I couldn't eat or drink past 12 am, I had to take a valium an hour before the surgery, no make up, jewelry, or nail polish.   It went great because none of the wisdom teeth were impacted.  I really didn't feel all that out of it.  My aunt took me and drove me home.  I really feel pretty good except for the gauze that was choking me.  I went to sleep for a few hours.  I had really issues with blood.  My dental surgeon gave me very strict instructions to follow:
-no drinking out of a straw
-use ice packs after the surgery
-take Motrin
-DO NOT EAT ANYTHING FOR THREE DAYS!  No chewing of anything at all.
-Do not go or do anything for three days
-Rinse with a prescription mouth wash twice a day after the first day
-Don't brush teeth the first day, after that be careful
-No soup on day one, stick to jello, pudding, and applesauce
Gargle with a few cups of water with one teaspoon table salt. Don't spit but let the salt water dribble out of your mouth. You don't want to dislodge a blood clot and get dry sockets.

I am terrifying of getting dry sockets, where the blood clots comes out, so I am following everything to the letter.  I feel so lucky to have a great dentist and amazing dental surgeon. I go for a follow up in a week or two.  I never want to go through the agony of an abscess again.

My advice is to follow your dentist's instructions exactly. Do not eat until they say you can. Food can get stuck in the sockets.  Also, no straws or smoking for at least a week.  Don't spit but just let the salt water or mouth water dribble out of your mouth.  Take the Motrin or Advil to reduce swelling.  Stay away from anything carbonated or too acidic like orange juice.

Before the surgery, buy foods like:
-chicken broth or beef consume'
-ice cream
-mashed potatoes

It's DAY 3 and I still have zero pain.  I ended up going to Best Buy suddenly. I did feel like my sockets felt a little strained when I was talking.  (Of course, I always run into people I know.  I tried to not overdo and spoke slowly.) I took a Motrin and gargled.  My mood is very low. I ate two cups of puddling.  I already lost seven pounds!  I'm craving pizza so much. I have a family party tonight. I know I should probably stay home because I don't want to overdo it and talk too much.  I also am in a very foul mood.  Who wants to go to a party and not be able to eat or drink?  A few more hours:( Not that I am going to go into heavy chewing tomorrow but I may eat something softer.