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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Schools Out for Summer

Wow, I'm so excited to be blogging again!  It was a great school year but I am happy that it is over for now. I can honestly say that I had no time to blog during the school year. Especially with teaching two subjects, I just had a never-ending amount of work to complete.  I have so much to do.  It's day 2 of summer. I usually make a calendar counting the days so not a single day is wasted.  I already have a three day conference booked, at least one day of training, and several meetings scheduled. 

I have four major priorities right now:

*Get in shape.  I'm back at the gym but my energy level has been LOW.  I'm going back on a healthier diet after I get back from a trip to D.C. next week.

*Get my teeth fixed. I don't want to go into the hideous details but I had an abscess on my tooth.  I've been to the dentist four times in the past few weeks.  I never knew what pain was until I got an abscessed tooth. I now need to go to the dental surgeon next week.

*Work on my online courses.  I think I was made for online teaching.  I love it but it is extremely time consuming to set up a course.  I hate hearing my voice online so I keep re-recording everything!  I'm playing around with a lot of new hardware and software.  I love learning about new things on the computer.

*Carnival party for my niece and nephew.  It's June 7th and I have less than a month to create an amazing double party for my two favorite little people on the planet.  It's hard for me to conceive that they are turning 4 and 2!  Each day they learn more about the world and achieve new things.  I really just started my serious party research today.  I like to draw up what I call a "party plan." My sister has made the extremely elaborate invitations and ordered a bunch of stuff.  I already have a big popcorn machine but am playing around with the idea of a cotton candy machine...