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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Online Teaching Videos

I have been on this "whiteboard" video kick for months now.  I watched a few really amazing geography videos for middle school kids and I knew that I had to make some myself.  I didn't just want to make them for my language arts and social studies classes but for my online classes that I hope to be teaching next year.

I have been working on my art appreciation elective for months now.  It is almost like a full-time job. For each week or topic, you need to have some type of video.  I made a few videos but I found them a bit boring.  In real life, I can always write on my electronic whiteboard or ELMO to show students what I am doing or writing. How could I do that in an online class?  I tried to investigate how those teachers did it to make those amazing geography videos.  I didn't get much information but I found out one used a mac.  I still tried for weeks and weeks on my Asus.  I used Power Point and screen-cast-o-matic but I couldn't get the Inuos Wacom pen and tablet set to really work with it.

So last week, I broke down and got the Mac Book Pro.  I got the 13 inch so I could use it on my lap.  Amazing!  I started using Keynote right away to make a presentation on prehistoric art.  I then finally found the software I needed: Ink2Go.  I can use the pen and tablet AND record at the same time.  I found it impossible to use on "slideshow" mode but it is exactly what I needed.  I can now write on the slides and add notes as I am talking.  I love it.  It is 19.99 but right now I am using a trial version. There are a lot of editing software apps out there that I will probably need to try in the future but right now, I am happy!