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Friday, June 19, 2015

Glow-in-the-Dark Pots

I make no secret of the fact that I am obsessed with glow-in-the-dark objects.  For about a year now I have been wanted to make the glowing pots that I originally saw on Pinterest.  I already had the glow-in-the-dark spray paint, the pots, the brushes, and even some glow-in-the-dark glitter.

Over Christmas break, I played around a little with mirror spray paint and the glowing spray paint on canvas.  It was pretty cool but I hate to use spray paint indoors due to the toxic fumes, so I never really finished.

Steps to Turning Old Pots into Glowing Wonders:

1. I finally found all the terra-cotta pots that I could find in my garage. There were all filthy so I washed them in my sink causing a huge mess.

2. A normal person would probably let these dry and clean them better but I had already waiting a year to do this so I just started painting.  I squirted a bunch of different blue acrylic paints together. I wanted a slightly marbled look.  I used foam paint brushes.

3. I let the blue paint dry.  I put down some newspaper outside and put the pots on it.  I donned my trusty apron and "gas mask." I really do plan to get a much better mask because this paint is so toxic.  I sprayed one layer.

4. The weather was not cooperating.  It started raining so I had to bring the pots back in.  I wanted to do a second layer but it has been raining on and off for days here.
5. I tested the "glow" quality of the pots.  It was lower than I wanted.  Since it was still raining, I used a "glow anything" kit that I bought last year and never used.

 All that was really in the kit were some stencils, a light, and two small tubes of glow paint. I coated the outside of the pots with the paint.  I tested them again. I still wasn't blown away.
5.  I broke out the Martha Stewart glow-in-the-dark glitter. I mixed a lot with a gel medium and coated everything again.  They are drying now.  I am planning to maybe coat these pots one more time with some sort of sealant.  I am planning to put live flowers in these and give these to my sister for around her pool and garden area.

* I also coated a ball jar (pictured below) with the mirror paint, blue paint, and some glow paint.  I stuck an electronic tea light in it and it looks really cool. I plan to make more of these which would be really cool because when you turn off the tea light they really glow!

I had crackled this frame over the winter. I used pink and gold and really didn't like it. I ended up using the mirror paint on it and it looks pretty good.  I also am working on a door knob sign where I mirrored one side and used glow paint on the other. I want to put something like "I love the moon" on it for the kids.