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Friday, June 19, 2015

Carnival Party Planning Continues

One thing people always say to me is, "Don't overdo it!" Hello, I can't help it. I overdo everything.  My circus/carnival party preparations are going way overboard.  I am supposed to be taking it easy due to my wisdom teeth. Yet I feel a feeling of frenzy. Like the party is going to be here and there will not be amazing signs for everything! First of all, I love the Cricut cartridge "Carousel." The images are great and easy to cut. For example, you only need to cut two colors and they look great.  I also am blown away by the font.  It is perfect.  I am using the Zip glue pen or spray adhesive for the glue because there are some smaller parts.

I ordered prizes, a game, a clown's wig, and giant sunglasses from Oriental Traded.  I also got a roll of tickets and little popcorn boxes so the kids can keep there tickets in them.  I really love the prizes.  Even though I teach 7th grade, I still have a prize box. I throw pencils and pens in there for kids who aren't into those parachuting guy toys or hamburger erasers!  I also have some prizes left over from Jackson's first monster party.  I may or may not hang onto to those.

Since the party is on the 4th of July, I got a box of red, white, and blue prizes and regular kid type prizes.
When I was a kid someone bought me those huge sunglasses. I loved them. I remember running around in them and they make you feel like everything is bumpy.  I always wanted another pair. Ha.

I have had those cardboard popcorn containers for years.  My sister wants to borrow my huge popcorn machine for the party.  It really needs cleaned.  I bought a popcorn cleaning kit last summer on Amazon but never brought myself to the task.  Ugh, I can delay no longer.  You really have to be careful when cleaning out the machines to not get certain parts wet.  
There are many silhouette type designs in the Carousel cart.  I'm randomly cutting some to use as party decorations. 

Is this clown creepy? Most people think yes!
As I said, I love the font.  This is a single word that comes with the cartridge.  Should I add glitter? I am so tempted to.

I used this circus ticket that I picked up somewhere as an inspiration for the party colors.  I am trying to stick with red, yellow, and black primarily. 

I am searching for my air pump everyone. I dread blowing this up. 
Please note the rubber duckies! This are for the matching game.  
I still have a bunch of signs to make.  I am also making some random decorations that we tape to the windows and doors. We never actually have time to put up all the decorations.  I still need to clean out the popcorn machine and get that ready for transport. 

 On Sunday, I'm going to make cupcakes and maybe experiment a little with different colored icing.  My nephew Jackson wants brown (or maybe white?) icing.  

I really wanted to make those soap fish bags but I feel like I might run out of time.  I might try to run into Michaels and see if I can buy the soap part there.  Where can I get little fake fish?

Better get back to work!