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Thursday, August 21, 2014

DIY Teaching Binder

I wanted to make a quick binder for all my important school papers.  It would be great to also have something on my desk for subs to use in case of an emergency.  I have a lot of miscellaneous tabs and page dividers but they are all old and dull.  I decided to make my own using supplies I had on hand.
I used a 1-inch Martha Stewart circle punch to cut out tabs from chalkboard paper.  I made two for each tab so I could just glue them together.

Quick and easy

I labeled all the tabs on one side and then ran them through my little Xyron sticker maker.

I then put a colored sheet of paper in old plastic page protectors.  I peeled of the adhesive and stuck each circle on each side of the protector to make a tab.

The final product is easy to adjust based on needs.  Plus, rainbows make me happy.

I used a white Sharpie paint marker to look like chalk!



Sunday, August 3, 2014

Easy Teacher Toolkit

I've seen and admired hundreds of beautiful teacher tool kits on Pinterest and other blogs.  One of my big goals this year is to continue to get more organized at school. I have come a long way.  Last year, I was in three different classrooms! Luckily, this year I will be back in my room most of the day. However, since I will now be teaching social studies in my classroom, I will need to make some more room.  I decided it was finally time to make my own teacher tool kit Learning Curve style!
I purchased my tool kit at Lowes.  I thought it was around $19 but online the price is saying $36.  There are a few models to choose from.  I picked an upright model because desks space is at a premium. 
I search through a lot of "free teacher tool box labels" before I found a plain one I could edit.  I love the chalkboard look but I cannot afford to use that much black ink.  I decided on a dot letter font in rainbow colors. Here is the blog that I adapted my label from:  Thank you!  I don't know how to insert a Microsoft Word file but when I figure it out, I will post it HERE.
I really almost lost my mind trying to figure out the easier way to attach the labels. I ended up doing some inside and some outside but you can't tell in the end.
I dug out my old Xyron to make labels and kept my sanity. Though I now see I doubled "x"ed it. Forgive me!
No, inside was minding numbing. It was so easy to just stick it on the outside and throw some tape over it.

Some crafters paint their toolboxes which looks great. Some people also label the tabs. I sat in front of my toolkit and realized that I could see everything fine. Not that teachers get to sit that much during the day.  Hmm, maybe I should do the labelled tabs?

I am really happy with the final product. I already filled in most of the boxes. I have a lot of school supplies that I have been hoarding since I was in school.  I basically dumped out everything in my desk on the last day of school so it will be really nice not to put all this junk back into the desk!

Thanks to all the other teachers out there who posted about this great idea. I never would have thought this up myself.  I am constantly amazed by all the creativity and genius in the world!

For original label file, please visit: