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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Painting Rainbows

I am the first one to admit that I am a "bad" painter.There is actually a museum of bad art:
 However, for some reason I can't stop painting.  I love to begin and get into painting but I can never really "finish" them.  When I get the itch to paint, I have to scratch it.  My oils are buried in the garage and I didn't really fell like setting up an easel so I turned to watercolor. 
I got these water soluble pencils years ago.  I love them but I always too much water and drown out the colors.
I had two sets of watercolors: translucent and opaque.  I activated them by putting a few drops of water on each pigment pan.  I remember teaching kids how to do that when I was an art teacher.  They always seemed surprised by how much easier than is that jamming a wet brush into a dry pan. 

I had a couple of really heavy pieces of watercolor paper already cut from a big sheet.  I remembered all the cold pressed and hot pressed sheets I used to keep on hand when I first started painting at 15.  None of it was cheap.

After making a couple of random rainbow studies, I was out of paper.  I think that I'll end of cutting up the paper and maybe making the painters into tags.  Or I might collage on top of the paper.  Whatever. It doesn't matter. It is art for art's sake.  I feel like I haven't been very productive this summer. No scrapbooks completed or school decorations.  Yet I have about a month and I am finding inspiration everywhere!
My niece Sydney and I took this selfie at Sea Base.  We loved the color scheme.  My classroom theme is tie-dye rainbows so I was thinking this would be a cool idea for a bulletin board!