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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Juicing Wheatgrass without a Juicer

Only a few weeks ago, I ordered wheat grass seeds from Amazon.  I actually got them for free from my Bing Reward points. (I do Bing searches everyday and then I get a $5 Amazon gift card for every 450 points.) The seeds came quickly.  I used organic soil and washed out an old ceramic pot.  I soaked the seeds for a day and then planted them.  I covered the pot with a sheet of plastic wrap. The seeds spouted very quickly and turned into a beautiful plant.  However, I wanted to juice the wheat grass for the health benefits.  

I looked at many hand crank juicer models.  The cheapest was still about $40 so I looked into alternatives. I saw the idea of just using a mortal and pestle and loved it. I do not want another useless gadget cluttering up my house.  When the wheat grass was about five or six inches, I grabbed a handful and cut it.  

I rinsed the wheat grass out in the sink.  Check for mold if you are in a humid climate.  I started pounding the wheat grass using my marble mortar and pestle.  I have a wooden one also but the marble on seems to work better and quicker.  I kept pounding until I had a mush-like texture.

After pounding and pounding, I then squeezed the pulp to get the juice out into a glass.  You can also add water to the mix.  You do not get a whole lot of liquid from the grass.

I read that people can have a bad reaction from too much wheat grass at one time so I took a small shot.  Guess what it tasted like? GRASS!  It wasn't a horrible taste but I chased it with some water.  I didn't have any adverse results.  I did feel good but I had also been to the gym and started new vitamins so I can't say it was directly related to the wheat grass.  I feel like I am going to be doing a lot of juicing today because the remaining wheat grass seems to be turning yellow.  I have more seeds so I'll plant another crop soon.