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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bug and Garden Party

Jackson and Sydney's party was a great success!  Although the day started out hot and sunny, there was a sudden rain storm right during the cake.  Luckily, the tents did not blow away.
Here the favors for babies and small kids. Looking back the buckets were cute but filling them got expensive.  All of the favors were from Dollar Tree.  We basically stocked them with bug houses, magnifying glasses, bubbles, water guns, and candy.  For the two baby guests I bought stuffed bugs for them.  We also had some glow sticks and wands in each basket.  I was careful to avoid anything that kids could choke on.  I did add the tissue paper flowers, stickers, and wrote each child's name with a white Sharpie paint marker.  
My sister did the food table inside due to the heat and humidity outside.  Many of the decorations are from the Dollar Tree and Dollar General.

We had two tents. During the storm, the wind was so strong that they were in danger of blowing away.

Pool area

This was a Pinterest idea that my sister saw.  Mama C. brought the two hardback books for guests to write a special message for each of the kids.  Many people also have the teacher sign the book at the start or end of each school year.  Then, when the child graduates, the parents present the book.  As you can see, we tried to have bugs and flowers everywhere to stay with the theme.

Jackson's bug cake

Cake display table.  I described how I made the photo display in the decorations post.

Sydney's flower cake

My sister got ten helium balloons and I tied regular balloon where I could.  

Jackie with mama and daddy.  He grew four inches in one year!

Jackson and Jackson are ready to do the pinata.

Ah, Syd loves her auntie Uno!

Pap, Mimi, Jackson, and Jackson

Aunt Bonnie made the daisy crown.  It was a hit.  As Syd was trying to blow out her first birthday candle, the wind really started.  Soon after, it started to pour.

We moved present opening to the inside.

Finally, the pinata!

There was a water balloon and shaving cream battle while we were inside doing presents.  (So that's where all the guys were!)  We ended up skipping the games due to the storm.  However, Jackie reported that he had a great time. He also wanted to have a party the next day.  He will have to wait until Halloween for his next awesome party.