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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to Sharpen Your Scissors the Easy Way

 Sharpen you scissors with foil:  I have a lot of scissors. I have everything from cuticle scissors to those extremely sharp scissors that come with the plastic protector.

Tim Holtz scissors that I got in an Ebay lot of his stuff. I have to admit I love these scissors. They cut almost anything!
  I also have a huge collection of Fiskars Paper Edger scissors.  I do have a few of the traditional scissor sharpener things which really never worked that great for me.

However, the BEST thing I've ever used to sharpen scissors, shears, etc. is used aluminium foil.  I say "used" because I don't like to waste anything but you could use new.  Basically, before I throw away used foil I just grab a pair of scissors and cut it up!  That's it. It works-try it.  Just beware when using this newly sharpened scissors because they can become razor sharp.

You can also sharpen items with sandpaper!  Try to use a fine grit.  Just cut the sandpaper and voila-sharpened scissors.