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Friday, August 23, 2013

What Kind of Hoarder Are You?

Kitchen Cabinet Redux

    BEFORE                                    AFTER
I had another organizing gig.  This time it was a kitchen cabinet that was overfilled and unusable.  Will I ever be a certified professional organizer?  At this point, I doubt it because serious organization is hard.  Plus, in some cases, it can be dangerous. Read below to find out how.
The first thing I did was take everything out of the upper five cabinets.  I could not deal with the lower four because they were filled with pots and pans.
As I was removing items, other items were falling on my head. I ended up hitting my head on one of the doors. Yes, cleaning can be painful. Plus, I almost lost my balance on the stool I was on because the dog was trying to jump on me.
I found many smashed light bulbs that had been crushed by piling debris onto of other items.  Plus, why does someone need over 50 light bulbs? I ended up using drawer sorters to place the loose light bulbs. The boxes ones just got pilled up.
I kept finding multiples of items. Some of these were able to be placed down in the basement. 

I brought my collection of dollar store organizational containers. I really didn't know what would be used.

Anyone hungry for pasta from 2006?  No, this was not wheat but it was a brownish color and rock hard. I was tempted to take it home to make pasta jewelry with my nephew. Who is the hoarder now? Luckily, I was able to throw it out.  Of course, I washed the container.  I use these at my house to store flours, sugars, and other baking supplies. Of course, I label these.  I love to use chalkboard contact paper with a chalkboard pen.

Anyone afraid of running out of starch? What is starch for? I have no idea but obviously some people love starch. A lot.

I threw out a lot of expired, broken, and really old items.  I then sorted like with like on the kitchen table. This was a nightmare.  It was like playing a game of memory.   I was able to put together sections on CLEANING, LIGHT BULBS, CLEANING, IRONING, FOOD ITEMS, and a section on SHOE POLISH and METAL CLEANING. I labeled each section with my DYMO label maker. Not to reveal the identity of the home owner but I have know her since the day I was born but I've NEVER seen her polish a shoe. Why have ten tins of shoe polish?  Okay, confession, I took some old tins and old glass bottles home (with permission, of course!) Decoupage time?
Is this person a hoarder?  I don't think so because the rest of the house is presentable. Too much clutter for my taste but clean.  This home owner is a shuffler.  She will shove stuff "out of sight."  My next step is to clean out the office space for important papers. She wanted to clear a space in the food pantry for her bills.  I find that bizarre because their is an office right off the hallway from the kitchen. No one really uses the HUGE desk and almost empty file cabinets.  This is ridiculous.  I would like to CLEAN and ORGANIZE this office for USE. It should not be a place to shove random things in!  I will try. 


Are you a hoarder?
Maybe or maybe not. I think I am a craft compulsive shopper & and organized hoarder.  However, I do use the art supplies so maybe that makes me a compulsive crafter.  I don't know. I do know this compulsion comes in handy when I have to sew something or make a card. I rarely go to the craft store to pick up an item. I buy things and then use them years later.  I don't like to throw things away because I like to upcycle them. I do have the space for a separate craft room and sewing room. I have an office and a spare bedroom. The only thing I that I pile up in my bedroom is books! I cannot be without my books and journals.