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Friday, August 2, 2013

Sunflower Inspiration

My favorite thing about summer, besides having time, is my garden.  It's really just a container garden on my deck due to the animals in the woods behind my house. If I wanted a "real" garden, I'd have to build a cage over. Maybe someday.  For now thought, I just throw seeds in the pots of soil in May.
I tried starting sunflowers early one year. My sister bought me this greenhouse shelf.  I have windows in my garage doors so the seedlings had light. They did great UNTIL I moved them outside and they all got eaten. I don't know if it was birds, groundhogs, or some other hungry creature but they were all gone. I used Miracle Grow soil mixed with the cheap stuff.  I am hoping for rain right now because the ones I didn't cut are getting wilted!

So I overplant in every pot and bit of soil.  This year they all seemed to come up. I hated to cut them but maybe were so tall they were falling over.  The birds really like to eat the seeds. I usually keep all the seeds for next year's garden.
I put them on my living room coffee table. I love sunflowers but my favorite flowers are roses.  I do love to paint (or try to paint) sunflowers.  I am going to hold off on that. I have so much else that I want to do before school starts in 24 days!  Times goes by quickly.
Some sunflowers constantly had bees on them. I just couldn't cut these. Even though I have had many bee stings, I love bees.  That's another reason I garden for the bees...and honey.
Why are the bees dying? I hope they figure that out soon.  It is a fungus or pesticides? Or both? Or maybe something else. It's scary.
Some various flowers. I save seeds from each year. This year I bought some other flowers at Walmart. They did great despite the hot weather here.
I also like to have four or five tomato plants.  My nephew loves to pick and eat them. However, sometimes I also picks the green ones. I planted peas but they must have died in the heat.  I have to have a lot of herbs.  This year: mint, basil, dill, parsley, thyme, and lemon basil.  I usually try to dry or freeze them for later use.