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Saturday, August 17, 2013

School Bulletin Information Board for Middle School

Do people in your school or organization need to know certain changing information daily?  Our students need to know "what day" it is for their schedule. Some also need to read the daily bulletin and gifted classes list.  However, every teacher either posted this in their rooms, outside their rooms, or not at all.  This led to students milling about trying to find out if he or she had gym that day or music.  Students weren't sure if his or her club was meeting that day, etc. I knew that I had to make an information hub for everyone's sake.
Last year I was so excited to use my Cricut Expression 2 cutting machine that I made signs for everything I could think of.  I cut my mailbox numbers out of a sheet of duct tape, I made images of our school mascot, and I decided to make the information hub for students with my cricut.  It was a great project yet time consuming. The letters all cut out fine but I ran out of the tie-dyed scrapbooking paper that I was using as my background paper. I used coordinating colored paper but it drove me crazy all year while I was doing hall duty because it didn't match.  This year, being short on time and money, I decided to just use Microsoft Word 2010. Instead of the expensive tie dye paper I used a rainbow of basic colors as a background. 
The first thing I did was type up all my signs.  I wanted a sign saying "Student Information" and categories such as: daily bulletin, band, clubs, breakfast/lunch menu, and day 1 or day 2.  Since our days rotate, I use an arrow with sticky tack to change it daily.  Students never moved that arrow all year. I was a bit afraid that someone would remove it but no one ever did. (Knock on wood!) I used a "Chalkboard" font in 120 font. I always minimize the borders.  I used a rainbow of colors for text and printed on regular printer paper.  Then, I used a paper cut to trim the signs, I glued them to a coordinating color paper, and trimmed again. My favorite glue for paper projects like this are glue runners. They don't warp the paper like wet glues do. Quick and easy!
Last year I didn't laminate my Cricut signs. They held up well. However, this year, I decided to just laminate the front of the sign with contact paper. It's cheap at the dollar store. That also worked out because I am out of laminator sheets.  They are just too pricey for me to buy right now.  I used to do my laminating at school but no one orders laminating sheets anymore!  I don't mind much because that laminated stuff just falls right off the walls. That, I can't stand.
I started to fold back the contact paper. However, it didn't hold so I had to trim around each sign again. I can just stick these up with sticky tact because we are not allowed to use tape on the walls. I've heard that some teachers use hot glue guns but I am afraid to try that.  I get in trouble every year for using masking tape and duct tape to tape wired to my floor.  LOL. I guess the head custodian doesn't care if I trip and make a fool out of myself in class.

The real beauty of this information board is that everyone can use it. Other teachers who are absent or don't come in as early also don't have to worry about getting the masses of information out.

 Every morning, I tape up the bulletin and update the day.  Throughout the day as papers come in through email, I print and let a student stick tack it up.  (Everyone knows how much students love sticky tack.)  If I am absent, my neighbor teacher will step up and do the board.  I also try to circle, highlight, and write out information to draw attention to it. When a student asks me a question, I can just point to the hub and then can find what he or she needs.
0 days left of summer vacation!  I went in today and finally put up some bulletin boards.