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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

UPDATE: Glittery Clothespin Magnets

Here we go again. Another Pinterest project that I had to try.  I really like those projects that are easy, quick, cheap, and entail glitter.  I have more glitter than I like to admit.  I didn't find any really complete instructions for this project so as usual I ended up just "doing my own thing."
I had two packages of clothespins from the dollar store. I think they were actually $1.  I also had a couple of stray clothespins in my art room.  I like to keep a lot of clamps around for watercolors and gluing things together.
One site recommended using the GLOSSY type Mod Podge. I didn't have any and I am not going out to buy anything anymore so I used the MATTE.  Also, I pulled out my coveted Martha Stewart glitter glues and some other glitter glues.  I had a couple or paper plates handy as well as some paint brushes and a Mod Podge cup.  I started off by dipping my brush directly in the Mod Podge but it started to get glitter in it.
All I did was slop on some Mod Podge and then pour glitter over it. Let it dry!
I also experimented with glitter glues. Some I left as is, some I still covered in glitter.
Sometimes I get a little too creative. 
Let them dry. You can top them off with another layer of Mod Podge if you want.
The glitter is now all over my house.  That's a great lesson in CSI for criminals.  Evidence like hairs and fibers will travel everywhere, as will glitter.
I waited until the next dry to handle these.  However, I don't think they will take a long time to dry.  At this point, you can add magnets to the back.  At this point, I have a lot of magnet and I plan to use these to clip papers together at school.  We also do a t-shirt bio-poem project the first week when we hang our t-shirts on a line. I have little mini-clips but I could use a few of these also.
I look the multicolored look.

If you do want to add magnets, you would have to find smaller magnets.  I'd use E600 or another strong glue.
I only had one clothespin that I needed to unstick with my trusty Exacto knife.  I really sloshed the glue all over them so that is good news.  Could these be used as bookmarks? I think I saw little creatures made out of these with googlie eyes.  Also, you could cover these with fabric and/or paper.  Since I am obsessed with glitter, I had to try that first. 
I broke down and glued magnets to the back of some of my precious clothes pins.  I let the glue set about a day before bagging them up for school.  What a classy way to display "no name" papers and make up work!
I also created a late work bulletin board. I thought I'd try to make the clothes pins into tacks so we don't have to keep using push pins.  I just hope I don't step on one!