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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Flower "Steal-Proof" Pens

Do people constantly steal and move your pens? Then, when you go to write something you are pen-less?  This is what happens to my friend when students use her sign out book. They walk off with the pen and when the next student goes to sign out, no pen.  Personally, I have one of those chains stuck on my sign out clipboard.  These cost about $7 at Staples.  Since I am not buying a lot this year, I decided to make some simple flower pens.  No kid could accidently walk off with one of these!

I gathered my materials: 
-artificial flowers
-floral tape or green duct tape
-a Bic pen
-E6000 or another glue anything to anything glue
I also decided to make some beaded pens:
-tiny glass "beads"
-Terrifically Tacky Tape (Provocraft)
-a Bic pen

For the flower pens, I used my very sharp Tim Holtz scissors to cut through the wire and plastic to have about a 2" stem.

I used this GOOP which worked great.  Gluing plastic to plastic can be tricky.

I glued on the stem and glued the whole pen except the roller ball tip.

ASAP I started to wrap the totally old and unsticky floral tape to the pen. This forms the stem part. You have to wrap at an angle to keep going the whole way down.

I LOVE these scissors. I bought a couple of different lots of Tim Holtz stuff off of Ebay last year. This came in one. They are so sharp, they come with a plastic protector. They cut almost anything.  Caution: they are very sharp. Keep away from children and clumsy people.
On some of the pens, I cut off the end. Some I just wrapped up the flower stem in the floral tape. 

If you do cut the tip off the pen, just glue it in.

Inserting the stem into the pen. (Not into the ink thing, just beside it.)

I added some extra glue. 

For some of the pens, I wrapped them in Terrifically Tacky Tape and then rolled in micro glass beads. I just kept pouring the beads over the pen until all the glue was covered.  For some of these, I also added a flower.

This tape is extremely sticky. I of course got it all screwed up and stick to itself.  However, it will really hold those little beads to the pen.
All the pens are drying now.  I ran out of fake flowers and of pens so I only made about six.
Ugh, the duct tape pen did not turn out so great.  It's just so sticky.
I like to stick a pen to the board and file cabinet for sign-up sheets and check off lists.  I am always looking for a pen!  I love pens and have hundreds.  I used to get a free pen from Vista Print that has "This pen has been stolen from Miss X."  Strangely, those do get returned! 
I also had pencils printed with my name on them.  I'd say to a student, "Hey, that's my pencil?"
"What does it have your name on it?"