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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Easy Battery Organization

Do you have batteries all over the house?  Do you have to search for a 9 volt or a AA batteries and never find it when you need it?  If so, you need to do this today! This is one of the easiest organizational projects ever! Of course, I saw the original idea on Pinterest. It's like one of those things that are so simple but you never think of yourself.
I did try to keep my batteries, light bulbs, and vacuum bags all in the top shelf of my hall closet.  However, more and more stuff kept getting thrown up there.  I also used to use rechargeable batteries but I lose them by stashing them all over the house.
I like to stock up (hoard) plastic containers.  I used to make a lot of jewelry and these sorters are the best to keep beads organizers.  I got several of these small bins at the dollar store.  I like the see-through ones better although the black ones seem to be sturdier.

All you do is remove the tabs from the plastic bin.  Gather all the batteries you can find and start sorting them.  Some people might need to buy the large plastic container.  I discovered I had a lot of almost empty packaging and batteries all over the place.  I have a ton of AAs but no AAAs so now I know what I need to buy.
I love my DYMO LetraTag label maker. It is so easy to use. I don't want a computerized one that I have to hook up to my computer. I am so tired of "updating" everything.  I can bring this to school and let my students label everything in the classroom. 

I still have a bunch of random light bulbs yet my batteries fit in the bin again.
I labeled the bin and stuck it back in the closet.  I need to do this at my mom's house because you can NEVER find a battery over there. There are always in some random spot.  With all the toys that beep, light up, and actually sing, batteries are in big demand.  I also found out that batteries expire!  I guess I should break down and refill all those AA lanterns I have. I could also refresh the batteries in all my remotes.  Hopefully, they haven't exploded in there.