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Monday, August 12, 2013

Diaper Cake for Baby Boy

This diaper cake contains about 80 size 2 diapers.  In the middle is a big bottle of baby shampoo. 
My cousin Rachel had her baby shower yesterday.  Sixty-five excited friends and relatives attended.  I saw a lot of great ideas from Pinterest everywhere! 
It's neat to think that these diapers with sayings will be used on baby soon!
Great balloon with an array of ultrasound pictures.  Baby Brody is really cute!
After my sister's sprinkle in June, my aunt asked me to make a diaper cake for my cousin. No problem.  Google "How to Make a Diaper Cake" to find easy directions online.
  Rolling up the diapers tightly is the tricky part but the rest is just fun.
My favorite part is also shopping for the details.  I got a lot of great items at Walmart and Dollar General.  I found the tape, ribbons, rubber bands, and the cake base at home.
Rachel's theme was a wildlife/woodland creatures one.  I looked everywhere for deer.  Even my friend, G4, scoured the aisles for something. We came up empty.  I did decide to attach some Martha Stewart stickers and some deer images from my Cricut Wildlife cartridge. I wrapped the rubber bands with a net green ribbon.  I think I overstuffed it because some items were falling off.  Plus, my nephew REALLY wanted the binky and pulled out some items. 

I had to reattached everything and redo the rubber bands. My sister left some of that plastic that shrinks with a hairdryer at my house. I brought it over and the plastic shrink wrap kept everything in place!  This was helpful in the car when the cake almost got crushed by the high chair gift!

Rachel, sister Julia, and helper, cousin Claire

My Aunt Bonnie and Mother
My nephew literally ran all over the baby shower.  Of course, he loved the balloons the most!  Cousins Olivia and Claire also ran after him and watched him. Jackson also ate three cups of fruit salad!
This was the first family outing for my niece.  She was held by many, many people.  Check out her shoes.  Mother and I got the entire outfit from Macy's before she was born. 
There were a lot of other great ideas for the shower: a cupcake favor, cookies on a stick, diapers for raffle basket tickets, and a quick advice to baby paper. No games!  (YAY!)