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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mystery Seeds?

It seems like every summer I end up planting some odd mystery seeds.  I got these seeds at my cousin's house at a party.  I'm thinking they might be type of jimson weed/datura.  I bought a packet of these type of seeds years ago in a package of  mislabeled "morning glory" seeds. No, they are no morning glories!  They were really huge white flowers which later morphed into a spiky pod.  Later, when I was on vacation in Nevada, I saw tons of these same flowers/weeds around the side of the road.  They were datura.  So when I saw these at my cousin's, I asked if I could have some seed pods.  However, I guess you really never know what could actually pop up. I save all of the seeds I can and then just throw them in the next year. I have a beautiful black Rose of Sharon that came up on my side plot this year.  Those are seeds I will certainly save for next year.
Tip: Wear gloves when breaking open the pods for the seeds! They are really sharp and spiky. I used a small pair of scissors.
Normally, I soak and file moonflower and morning glory seeds. However, I just throw these seeds in. I like to plant everything in one pot and then transfer the survivors later.  We'll see if these come up.

I kept my garden very small this year.  Due to the woods and the large number of ground hogs and other wildlife, I only plant on my deck in containers.  From time to time, a furry friend will still come up and have a free sample. This year has been fine so I haven't had to use the baby gate to block off my deck.  I would love to have a huge vegetable garden like my grandparents used to have. However, I wouldn't be able to shot rabbits who attacked it like my grandfather used to. I think I would have to have almost a cage over it.  We have a lot of deer who also live in the woods. 
I am obsessed with sunflowers. I plant them in everything.  I also have to have my herbs.  I am lucky to have an electric outlet to plug in my fountain.
A dinosaur chica pet. I never much luck with these but it was a gift from my sister. 
I have to have a lot of tomatoes. I usually eat them as they ripen.  If my mom gets a lot of tomatoes from work, I do make my own sauce. 
I buy one of these every year.  I can't remember the name. It's not a hibiscus...Note the sunflowers jutting out of the side.

At the end of the growing season, I harvest all of the seeds and place them in brown paper bags.  I store them in a closet until the next year. I used to label all the seeds but it is too time consuming.