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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Laundry Room Organization and Ammonia Uses

 I just got back Friday from helping my sister with the new baby.  My niece is beautiful.  I couldn't help but nickname her Rosebud.  She is so sweet and pink and delicate.  Big brother loves her.
Staying at my sister's, I tried to help out with the laundry.  They have a nice big laundry room but horror of horrors, her washer was dirty.  I had to get on the case. I cleaned a shelf of toys and stored her detergents there. I cleaned her washer and dryer free of all gunk and clutter.  I really like my washer and dryer empty so I can treat stains and soak items on the surface.  This is a picture of my laundry room.
 I would have liked to organize more but I was pretty busy playing with my nephew, falling off chairs (long story), and watching Barney.  However, I did encourage (read: force) my sister to buy a gallon of my new favorite laundry potion: ammonia. Yes, it smells horrid but it is a secret laundry weapon that I will never go without again. Ammonia does not leave the laundry with a smell. I add it to my homemade dry detergent as a color booster and stain remover. I just pour a little in certain loads with stains. It is especially good for removing yellow stains on whites. My sister even commented how bright the wash colors were after use. (If I do a 100% white wash I use blueing or bleach with Oxyclean.)  However, NEVER USE BLEACH AND AMMONMIA TOGETHER as these creates a deadly chlorine gas. This actually happened to my grandmother once and she almost fainted from the fumes.  You really don't even want to store the two chemicals next to each other.
I am a paranoid nut and made this warning sign to post in my laundry room.  I will laminate it eventually.  I could see it being really easy to forget and combine the two chemicals.  The number for poison control is on there as well as directions on what to do if accidently poison yourself.  I am going to make more DIY homemade dry laundry detergent today.  I am having really good results with the dry. I don't think I will make the liquid again as the Fels Naptha just doesn't seem to mix despite shaking.  I was even going to use Ivory soap as my sister has harder water in her house and the Fels Naptha doesn't dissolve as well there.
   It is so great to have the time to do all of this organizing and DIY.  I really need to do it for the next year because during the school year I never have time to do things like this.