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Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's a Girl Cupcakes

A friend suggested that we bring some baked goods for the nurses when my sister when into labor at the hospital. For baby #1 we bought a couple dozen cookies from the store. I thought it was nice to remember the nurses. However, for baby #2 my sister bought me some cake mix to make pink cupcakes.  I wanted to make them look really cute.
I gathered my materials and started baking.  I keep two icing bags with the tips on clean and ready to go.  Baking is the easy part.
I've been experimenting with filling the cupcakes.  I bought this corer but it is SO easy to just use the pastry tip to fill the cakes that I haven't even used it yet.
Here are the icing bags I use. I wash and dry them and then reattach the tips after each use.  I have a beer glass that I put them in to fill. I usually put an entire container of icing in each one. 
I do easy and quick icing techniques. I only took a level one class but the techniques were so time-consuming.  I usually just "swirl" the icing.
We had a baby cupcake topper kit from TJ Max.  I loved the paper wraps and the baby stroller toothpicks.
I almost always top my cupcakes with sprinkles. 
I was going to keep some for my nephew. He loves my cupcakes.
These were the cupcakes I was going to take to the hospital.
Check out the icing center! Fantastic.  I really liked this mix. The pink lemonade flavor was good.  Also, it was very moist
Here's our new little "rosebud"...Isn't she adorable?  She came so quickly that I never had time to get the cupcakes.  Plus, my sister was only in the hospital for 26 hours.  I sent the cupcakes home with the new family of four.