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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Great Product: Lux Snaps

My favorite thing to sew is bibs.  I found a lot of easy patterns online and from using store bought bibs.  I used to use Velcro as a fastener. However, my nephew's hair would get trapped in it and it made my sewing needles sticky.  (I even broke a few needles trying to sew Velcro.) I decided to look into other options.  On Ebay, I found a kit for LuxSNAPS.  There are many colors and sizes to pick from.  I got a kit that had the squeeze gun thing and the awl with it.  A lot of people who make homemade cloth diapers also use these.
I keep these plastic containers handy. I usually use them to store beads and finding.  However, they fit all of my luxsnaps and the sharp awl.  A DVD also came with my kit to show you exactly how to use them.

After sewing my bibs, I am ready to add the snaps.  I use the very sharp awl to push a small hole through the fabric.

                                              It's fun! Please ignore my weird-looking thumb.

Basically, you will need two of the smooth flat backs and one each of the "male" and "female" part.  It took some practice to figure out how to line them up and to squeeze hard enough to see the spiral.  Also, test that your snaps will snap together before setting them. 

I also think that these snaps look really professional. Some day I would love to sell my bibs, coasters, and burp clothes on Etsy.  However, I don't think my sewing is quite up to that level yet. 
There are many websites, blogs, and tutorials. Here are a few: