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Monday, July 29, 2013

Glow Bath

Since I have been on Pinterest a lot this summer, I've been finding great toddler ideas.  One that really struck me as something my nephew would LOVE was the "Glow Bath" idea from:
What a brilliant and inspiring blog!  My nephew loves the dark, glowing things, AND taking baths.  I started stockpiling the ingredients. Many I already had.
I wanted to let my nephew paint with a bunch of art supplies before his bath.  Glitter was dumped, glue sprayed around the table, and paint all over the place.  Strangely, my nephew would not sit at the dining room table though he has before. He wanted to stand and paint on a chair instead. I think I need to find a child-sized table.
Bubba wanted to cut but it was pretty hard so he just started ripping.  Luckily, I already had the glow bath set up so all we had to do was run the water.
Many years ago my sister had a really strong black light with a tube light. However, it was pretty pitched years ago or is buried in a closet.  I bought a black light at Lowes.  Sadly, this was a really weak, low wattage voltage.  I looked in my light bulb basket and found another black light bulb.  I have no clue why I had this!  This bulb worked much better.  I found a lamp with a shade in my garage and changed the bulb in my sewing lamp.  This was better but I still would like to get a stronger black light.
I tried to find a bunch of bath toys at Walmart. I had one of those squishy balls that light up, a light up alligator, and a bath football. 

I bought some non-toxic highlighters for $1 a piece. I popped off the plastic thing off the back with a pair of scissors.  Then, I ran the highlighters through water.  I filled up three containers and a spray bottle.  Next time I will try just running the bath water through the marker filter.  Since the markers are non-toxic it should be fine.  I don't know if I would do this if the child has sensitive skin or allergies.

It worked! One thing that didn't work that well was the tonic water.  I had a bottle of diet tonic water that didn't work at all. The regular worked a little.  It's odd because they both had the quinine that is the chemical that reacts with the black light. 

I always buy weird things.

To make glowing finger paint, just mix fluorescent paint with shaving cream. The effect is amazing!  There are other ways to do this but this was so easy. I put the shaving cream in first, dipped my finger in the paint, and stirred it.
So glad that I am a borderline hoarder who can't throw away potential art supplies.  This was a part of my big cupcake holder that broke.  Perfect!
 I have no pictures of the actual bath. One reason is that I've already ruined TWO iphones with water.  I just don't trust myself anymore, especially with my iphone 5. I keep my phone away from all water.  If I have to walk in heavy rain, I put my phone in a plastic bag. The other reason is that I WAS IN THE TUB.  My nephew likes me IN THE TUB with him!  So I had to go put on my bathing suit. (I don't want to blind the kid!) We had a blast.  I did add Mr. Bubble bubbles but that made it harder to see the glowing water.  The light up toys were also a big hit.  After the glow bath, we took a shower, and then a regular bath. And he still wasn't ready to get out of the bath... The next thing I want to try is a rainbow bath. I really think the bathtub is the best (and cleanest) place to finger paint