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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Glitter Glass Magnets/Frames

I got this fun and easy idea from Pinterest of course! 
Awesome blogs to check out:
 I used to use the glass pieces on my assemblage' boxes and paintings. They magnify anything glued under them.  The only problem is that glass can be heavy.  However, I loved the magnet idea.  I always need a ton of magnets at school to put up late work, make up work, and no name papers. I also thought these would like great on my frig.
Items needed:
*glass pebbles-large or small-CLEAR
*E6000 glue
*glitter-I think the hexagonal looks great
*magnets-get the stronger ones as glass is heavy
 I love Martha Stewart glitter.  I found these kits at Pat Catans for $7 each.  I really wanted the hexagonal set (above.) I also liked the fine, oddly shaped set.  I poured a little of each color on the plates so I could just dip the glass gems in it.  I liked the idea of the colors mixing. If you want single colors just use separate containers.
 E6000 is one of my favorite glues. It is thick, smelly, and gooey.  However, it will basically glue anything to anything. I wouldn't use it on paper to paper but it the best thing to glue glass.
Also at Pat Catans, I found the larger glass pebbles.  I only bought one package. (Darn, I should have bought like four.) I got some of the smaller pebbles on clearance at Pier One.  I also had some from past projects. You can find them in the floral section in a variety of sizes and colors.

I put a little E6000 on each pebble. I should have spread it with a foam brush but I didn't have one handy.  I dipped each pebble in both types of glitter. I set aside on a paper plate.  As you can see, they don't all look perfect. E6000 can be pretty messy.

I let these dry on a plate. I came back two hours later and re-glued and stuck on the magnets.  At Pat Catans, I got eight really strong magnets. I used these for the bigger glass pebbles.
One tip is to space out he magnets because they will snap together if to close. I screwed up a few by letting them attach to each other while they were still wet.  Let dry for 12 to 24 hours.
I ran out of the circular magnets so I glued these gems to a $1 wooden frame from Walmart.  I had painted the frame with chalkboard paint first. I thought this would be cute if I put pictures of my niece and nephew in it. Then, I could write their current ages in chalk. However, let's be real, I never have room on my desk. I usually have to tape pictures to the wall.
I put a picture of our "Rosebud" in the frame.
The frame is an odd shape so I used the paper insert as a template to cut around the picture.
This was painted pink and then covered with Martha Steward glitter mixed with glue.  I need unsanded grout so I can make my own chalkboard paint.
One month old. So sweet!
As always, there are different ways to do this project.  I want to try putting small pictures under each pebble.  However, I want to be careful around my nephew as he has a tendency to put things in his mouth. It would be cute to do numbers or the alphabet but I think it is too much of a risk at age two.  I was also thinking that this might be a neat school project. We have an enrichment period where I like to do crafts before a holiday break when students don't have work. I was thinking they could bring in a picture (or we could use yearbook pics) and glue that to the bottom, let dry, and I could do the magnet part later or the next day.  It is a fact that kids really like magnets! (Okay, I do too!)