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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Drawer Organization

I have too much stuff!  One of my goals is to clean out every drawer.  My "junk" drawer in the kitchen was filled to capacity.  I hoard pens, post-it notes, and nail files.  I also had a lot of random stuff like loose birthday candles, batteries, and many pairs of scissors.

I first emptied EVERYTHING out of the drawer.  I was shocked to see how dirty it was.  I wiped it down. Then, I had to wash the white plastic sorter as it was dirty too.  Had I ever cleaned this drawer out before? It doesn't seem like it.
I then put all the stuff in a box. I only pulled out what I needed and wanted. 
I did keep some frequently used recipes and the food scale in the drawer. Also, I always need those rubber jar openers, my can opener, and of course those hot pads.  I discovered that I had a pie spatula.  I could have used that a lot.

The final product is much easier to use. The drawer no longer sticks and gets things caught in it.