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Sunday, July 14, 2013

DIY Cleaning Caddy

Raise your hand if you are obsessed with the dollar store? Both of my hands are up.  When I was staying with my sister, we went to her local Dollar Tree. Wow, they had a ton of plastic bins and containers there.  I really wanted to buy spray bottles and those shower type caddies.  I couldn't find any caddies but did get some spray bottles.  (They seem pretty flimsy so we will see how long they last.) My two year old nephew kept putting bars of soap in the car unbeknownst to me.  I ended up buying 11 bars of soap. (No harm done! I am going to grind them up into my dry laundry detergent anyway.)  I also bought more supplies to make "green" cleaning supplies.
 This new project started when I was cleaning out my sister's laundry room, I found a nice caddy that I knew I had to turn into a natural green cleaning kit.  I stumbled upon this awful-smelling all-purpose cleaner that I tried to use to clean their utility sink. The fumes were really hideous.  Then, I ended up spilling it all over my leg and it started burning immediately.  I just don't want the kids around that toxic sludge!  I get too distracted by Pinterest and just ended up binging recipes.
A simple all-purpose cleaner. I know I have tea tree oil somewhere but I hate the scent anyway so I substituted lavender.  Real distilled essential oils are expensive so I don't always use them.  I would consider them optional although they do have many good properties.

Here we go again.

I just used a bucket to mix everything thinking I could pour it in the bottle. WRONG.  Half of the mixture probably went down the sink. I know I have like every size of funnels somewhere. I have to remember to look for these!

I put the mixture into the spray bottle.  In the future, I think I am just going to repurpose old spray bottles.  Those actually seem studier than these dollar buys.

I tried a glass cleaner that has cornstarch in it. I haven't tried it yet.  I did some online research and most sources say to skip the paper towels and use newspapers.  I don't get a newspaper but I'm going to try this when I get one. 

Glass cleaner
I think this is one that will need shaken before use.  It looked a little murky.
Wait! You can clean a shower without all the toxic fumes? I didn't try this yet.  I have an old tile bath that I did get re-grouted a year or two ago.  I think that you need to be careful with vinegar on unsealed grout.

I was going to make cute labels on the computer but I ended up just handwriting the ingredients and directions.  I just used clear scotch tape OVER the label. There are labels available online.  I plan to make my own in the future.  If I can figure out how to put a Microsoft Word 2010 template online, I will.

I put the supplies in the "green" cleaning caddy. I am going to add some rags.  If I have time today, I'm going to try to make a furniture polish and maybe a carpet cleaner.  Also, I might try to add some baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar in smaller containers.  I use baking soda to clean my sinks and then pour vinegar in after. This fizzes and cleans pretty well.  My number 1 cleaning tool is my magic eraser.  I did find one at the dollar store. 

How to make dish washer tabs: